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Woodstock Leabank depot

Woodstock Leabank use the TranSend integrated route planning & electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) app running on Android smartphone devices. The business has streamlined its delivery operation by planning optimum routes, monitoring the progress of each route in real time and managing the complete delivery and collection process, including ePOD, thereby eliminating manual processes and administration time.

Woodstock Leabank is one of the UK’s major suppliers of commercial and office furniture operating a strong installation and distribution network and pride themselves on delivering high quality products and excellent customer service.  As an innovative business Woodstock Leabank is always looking to deliver fresh design ideas and solutions to its ever-growing customer base.

The business operates its own fleet of eight vehicles and also utilises four spot hire vehicles to supplement this fleet. Woodstock Leabank truckThe company commits to deliver within 10 working days of the customer order and therefore needs to plan effectively in order to ensure it is able to meet customer expectations whilst optimising its available fleet.

TranSend builds and optimises routes based on job details fed from their EDP order management system, availability of stock and the ability to fill vehicles – based on weight and volume.

Using the TranSend app on standard Android Smartphones, drivers download their allocated route for the day and then follow the prescribed process for deliveries and collections, including special instructions, signatures, photos, etc.

Back at the office, TranSend provides complete visibility of the route using GPS tracking from the smartphone, capturing any events and exceptions that have occurred along the route and manage driver compliance against the planned route.

The TranSend integrated route and delivery management system meets our business needs as an effective and affordable solution" "TranSend is unique in providing integrated route planning and delivery management from a single supplier. The system is easy to use for both drivers and office staff and will streamline the process from taking orders, through to getting them scheduled and delivered." "TranSend will allow us to design our own KPI dashboards, which will provide us with real-time views of the operation in a format that is easy to visualise, understand and interrogate." "For us, as a small fleet operator, TranSend takes away the pain of route planning and allows us to optimise routes and vehicle usage, whilst improving our delivery service and ensuring we meet customer promises.

Joe OMalley, managing director at Woodstock Leabank

Woodstock Leabank logo

About Woodstock  Leabank: Woodstock Leabank supply and install office, commercial and education furniture throughout the UK. Member of the British Contract Furnishing Association (BCFA).

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JD Sports store delivery

Working with delivery management system specialists, TranSend Solutions Ltd, JD Sports has implemented TranSend ePOD for store delivery management on Zebra TC55 devices.  The system provides real-time tracking of stock outside the depot – to and from stores – and secure stock tracking using vehicle seal codes, driver, carton and store manager ID scanning.

As well as reducing delivery turnaround times and providing a more efficient service to stores, they have:

  • increased the percentage of stock moved quickly between stores using ‘Fast-track’ inter-branch transfers (IBT),
  • reduced the paperwork and manpower involved in stock re-allocation,
  • reduced returns losses and improved stock accuracy across the business with 360o visibility of the delivery process.
“We are already seeing the benefits in operational efficiencies and cost savings to our business, including faster consolidation of stock for improved movement around the country and more secure stock tracking to reduce losses. TranSend provides us with valuable, real-time information and visibility of our delivery operation using our own performance measures and working practices to better manage exceptions including shortages, vehicle security breaches and missed delivery windows. This enables us to focus on areas that will make a real difference to our bottom line.”

Tim Edwards, Loss Control Director at JD Sports

The Challenge – Tracking stock in transit, deliveries and returns

In the fast-moving fashion retail industry, JD Sports need to meet customer demand, respond to regional variances and move slow moving lines from one area to areas with higher sales potential – essentially have the right product in the right place at the right time to realise maximum sales margin across all product lines.

Once stock has left the depot, there can be a time lag between being booked in at individual stores and becoming visible on the WMS system, even though it may have been delivered.

In order close this loop and to speed up and streamline the stock transfer process between outlets, JD Sports recognised the need for a sophisticated, but easy to use ePOD solution that would provide an effective audit trail, including stock tracking in transit and proof of delivery information from the distribution hubs to stores and back again, as well as inter-branch transfer of stock (IBT).  From previous system trials, JD Sports had also identified the need for more rugged PDAs, fit for purpose in a retail delivery operation.

Tim explains further:  “Certain products sell well in some parts of the country but not in others – so we wanted to be able to recognise that quickly and react.  We don’t want to have to go back to the distribution centre because it’s very labour-intensive, it can slow the return and then dispatch of that product out again.  In effect, the new software has a merchandising role: by increasing the number of ‘fast track’ inter-branch transfers we have forecast significant additional sales revenue per annum by having the right stock in the right place at the right time”.

The Solution – integrated ePOD and Tracking

JD Sports implemented the TranSend ePOD solution running on rugged hand-held devices to provide an integrated back office and mobile PDA system with automatic updates to their WMS system.   By innovative use of real-time PDA-based mobile technology, JD Sports have been able to address three parallel requirements:

  • Secure product receipting and proof of delivery
  • Real-time stock visibility both in-transit and at store
  • Tracking drivers and vehicles against routes

Prior to the system roll-out, stock delivered to individual store locations was not visible in the back office WMS system until physically booked in by staff at each store.  With TranSend, as each delivery is scanned off the vehicle, stock information on the WMS system is automatically updated.  Where store deliveries were previously checked off manually, now each carton can be scanned off the vehicle, in any order, resulting in a much faster turnaround time and elimination of any dispute over goods being received or returned.  Drivers no longer have to wait for store staff to become available to receive deliveries since, with TranSend, the store manager is alerted as the driver reaches a specified distance from the store.  By using co-ordinates rather than postcodes for navigation, drivers are presented with more accurate delivery point information.

JD Sports no longer have to handle returns through a delivery hub and re-process for delivery to others stores, since stock can now be automatically re-allocated and transferred directly from one store to another – ‘fast track’ IBT – which improves stock availability where it is needed, to maximise sales and minimise unsold stock.

Tim expands: “We no longer have cartons disappearing from view and, with a full audit trail of scanned cartons at any stage of the delivery and collection process, store staff are freed up to focus on selling rather than looking for missing stock. More accurate stock visibility and faster movement between stores has reduced the amount of markdowns and buffer stock required.”

In terms of information visibility, management and operational teams previously had to wait until the driver returned to depot to see if deliveries were made against the planned route and time scheduled and if there were any shortages.  Now the team back at base can view real-time information on delivery status. This means that they can be more proactive in managing and re-scheduling deliveries as necessary and respond quickly to store delivery queries and any exceptions flagged by the TranSend system.

Tim remarks on the benefits: “We can now see exactly what is happening today, in real time and then run end-of-day reports for review.  In addition, by analysing the data over a period of time, we can review our route planning and timings and investigate specific trends e.g. consistently late deliveries to a particular store, which may be due some stores needing a longer turnaround time down to access by stairs, etc.”

The TranSend system combines a number of functions normally requiring multiple devices – satnav, vehicle tracking, secure ID, electronic proof of delivery and driver security – operated via a single, rugged hand-held device.

The hosted system includes a reporting suite which uses the latest web technology, enabling secure access from any internet-based PC.

The drivers and back office staff at JD Sports have found the TranSend system intuitive and easy to use, which has enabled a smooth roll out and fast system go live.  Within 3 months of placing the order, TranSend was live across and adding value to the business.

Tim continues: “TranSend is an innovative and exciting product to use for both drivers and back office users. Drivers have a single rugged hand held device that provides detailed instructions and records activity and all information is immediately visible to transport management, warehouse, security and delivery helpline teams. It adds real value to the business by eliminating manual and paper processes and speeding up inter branch stock transfers”.

The Business Value

As a result, JD Sports now have complete visibility of the whole distribution operation – where and when stock has been dropped or collected, where it is in transit, shortages and returns, vehicle and driver location.  They have also speeded up delivery turnaround times and the movement of stock between stores resulting in increased revenue from maximising stock availability.

  • Improved stock accuracy – the new process flags any discrepancy immediately, enables faster re-allocation of stock between stores, helps with replenishment planning and reduces manual stock checks.
  • Reduced stock holding – faster stock movement means they can sell as much as possible of each product line and maximise sales margins.
  • Reduced operational costs – less manpower and time involved in the delivery process and re-allocation of stock between stores; more efficient use of vehicles and drivers
  • Secure delivery – real-time alerting of exceptions in the delivery process through use of vehicle seal codes

Tim concludes:  “The team at TranSend Solutions really understood what we required and demonstrated a real commitment to get us up and running within 3 months from signing the contract.   They managed the testing and roll-out phases to ensure that all users had a good experience from day one”.

JD Sports 

Welsh Water
Comprehensive management, routing, scheduling and ePOD solution is rolled out, improving visibility, tightening control and enhancing efficiency

Welsh water logoWelsh Water provides water and sewerage services in north and south Wales and parts of England, and operates wastewater treatment works at no fewer than 880 sites of varying sizes. Sludge (partly-treated waste) has to be collected regularly from these sites by specialised bulk tanker vehicles and transported to a number of larger sites, where further processing is undertaken.

The company runs a core fleet of 33 articulated and rigid tanker vehicles to handle this work. They are based at 23 strategic locations within the large operating area, and historically they ran on pre-determined routes known as “milk rounds” that reflected the typical collection pattern required by each treatment plant. Rounds were planned in advance for a whole year’s operations, with visits ranging in frequency from twice a day to once every few months.

However, these fixed journeys did not always reflect actual operating requirements. For instance, even if there was not enough sludge at a site to make up a full load, the driver would still make the collection, running partly-loaded and compromising efficiency. Additionally, during a visit the driver might be asked by on-site staff to do unscheduled work such as hosing down the yard, potentially disrupting other visits later in the day.

In the event of urgent reactive work, a driver might be pulled off a scheduled round to deal with it; but there was no comprehensive system for identifying available drivers, or for recording the scheduled work left unfinished. Often an external contractor would be hired in to do the reactive work at extra cost (this is known in the organisation as a bought-in service), even though there might have been scope for an in-house driver to handle it.

“One of the biggest problems was that the drivers held a lot of the routing information in their heads,” says project manager Owain Jones. “They planned their movements themselves, and there was no easy way to tap into that information or alter their journeys – for instance, to reflect changing requirements or to brief temporary drivers covering for holidays or sickness.”

He adds: “Because it was a paper-based system, there was also a lack of central coordination. Although we logged some information meticulously, such as the amount of material loaded on to vehicles at the bigger sites, this data wasn’t necessarily correlated with vehicle operations. We didn’t have a full overview.”

After evaluating various possible ways to streamline the operation, Welsh Water appointed TranSend Solutions to implement a comprehensive mobile job management and data capture system, and MapMechanics was brought in to provide an integral routing and scheduling element.

At the heart of the new system is a centralised planning and diary system developed specially for Welsh Water by TranSend. This holds details of all sites and their requirements in terms of sludge volumes and visit frequency.

Alongside this, the organisation used TruckStops to build a new “template” schedule of vehicle journeys to serve each site. This was based on carefully assembled historic data and driver feedback, and also took account of any restrictions on vehicle size or weight and any timing constraints at each location.

As far as possible, existing vehicles and drivers were kept on the same work as before, but TruckStops was able to optimise the routes and call sequences, creating a much improved “base plan” for the revised operation.

However, a major change from past practice is that the actual transport plan for the fleet is now varied week by week, and scheduled by TruckStops accordingly.

A key to this change has been the introduction of TranSend ePOD, a comprehensive sign-on-screen electronic data capture and proof of delivery system. Drivers have been equipped with Motorola MC75 handheld computers, which are linked wirelessly to the operating centre by GPRS, and they use these to report back details of their activities in real time.

Details captured by drivers include not only arrival and departure times on site, but also load volumes and even the water content of the sludge they have loaded. Using this kind of up-to-date information, TruckStops is able to schedule intelligently for real-world demand in the week ahead.

Routing instructions are now transmitted wirelessly to the drivers’ terminals. Only one day’s schedule is sent at a time, so if unplanned or urgent tasks arise, suitable drivers can be identified, schedules for subsequent days can be amended very quickly, and less urgent jobs can be “cascaded” according to priority.

As part of the new regime, two full-time schedulers have been appointed, one for each of the main regions. They are able to monitor the planned schedules, allocate urgent jobs and respond to queries from drivers. They can even insert urgent jobs manually; data on the handheld terminals is updated automatically to reflect them.

“The project has involved a culture change for drivers,” admits Steve Farley, the organisation’s logistics manager, “but they have realised there are advantages for them.” One improvement is a new requirement for drivers to obtain authorisation from their scheduler before agreeing to do ad hoc work on site. “They are much happier now that they don’t have that responsibility, and we are able to monitor the cost of any unscheduled work and cross-charge it to the site in question.”

Initially the system was rolled out across south Wales, and now it is being extended to north Wales. According to Steve Farley, there are already indications that it is bringing the expected savings and efficiency improvements.

“We have been able to reduce the cost of bought-in services significantly by using our own drivers more productively,” says Steve. “We have also reduced unnecessary collections from sites that need not be visited so frequently, and improved our vehicle fill rate significantly.”

By avoiding unnecessary repeat visits to sites, the organisation has also improved its service to the sites, since the operation is now more reliable.

There have been many other benefits, too. For instance, the organisation can identify delays at sites, and can calculate the cost to serve each site more accurately than ever before.

Moreover, because it is now possible to correlate vehicle movements with information about each load, the organisation can detect instances where the water content of the sludge it is collecting is too high – a change that has helped impose a tighter discipline on the treatment operation itself, saving further costs.

TranSend is a hosted web-based system, accessed with standard web browser software. The bespoke job management system developed by TranSend is also hosted. Welsh Water is running MapMechanics’ TruckStops as a PC-based desktop application, and the two systems work seamlessly together.

Welsh Water’s Dave Lewis sums up: “The system is doing exactly what we wanted it to. We are reducing the cost of bought-in services, monitoring our internal costs much more closely, improving our efficiency and productivity, enhancing the service we provide to our sites, and keeping a much closer check on the treatment process.

“For the first time we have full visibility of the operation, and because we are capturing so much data in real time, we can run reports and analysis in finer detail than ever before – which allows us to manage the operation more proactively.”

David Cook, managing director of TranSend Solutions, comments: “By putting together the various components of this system, we have created something new for the water industry that didn’t exist before. This has been our first collaboration with MapMechanics, and it has worked well.”


CDA vehicles

CDA, UK manufacturers of quality kitchen appliances have implemented TranSend ePOD and Route Compliance integrated with their existing Optrak Route Planning system, to simplify and modernise their delivery operation and, as a result, provide even better customer service as well as drive down operational costs.
The CDA Group kitchen appliancesCDA have a reputation for style, innovation and quality and offer their retail clients one of the biggest and most diverse selections of appliances available. CDA operate a 20-vehicle fleet supplemented by the use of sub-contract vehicles where necessary. With industry-leading ‘on time, first time’ deliveries, CDA’s fleet of delivery drivers pride themselves on being the best. Most deliveries take place within 24 hours of placing an order.

TranSend has been implemented via rugged PDA devices for all communication between the driver and the office to:

- Record the time the driver signs on and off.

- Prompt the driver to carry out all vehicle checks and ensure all necessary equipment is loaded on the vehicle.

- Provide drivers with all route and customer delivery information

- Provide Satellite Navigation to ensure the most efficient route taken.

- Capture all relevant details about a customer delivery, including time, signature, photographic evidence and reason for any delivery failure.

- Automate the payment check prompts for drivers collecting payments.

CDA also use the TranSend web-based Executive Dashboard to manage the delivery operation, utilising real-time information on delivery status measured against their own business KPIs to highlight and react to exceptions as they arise.

The Challenge – Tracking and Controlling Routes and Deliveries

CDA applianceCDA pride themselves on delivering products and customer service that are constantly improving and consistently exceeding customers’ expectations. In line with this, CDA wanted to improve their delivery operation through more efficient tracking and control of their planned deliveries and routes.

Having successfully implemented a specialist route planning system from Optrak, TranSend was recommended to provide an integrated and interactive delivery management system that would enable CDA to control and track the planned routes and thereby improve delivery efficiency whilst reducing paperwork and staff admin time.


The Solution – Integrated Route Planning, ePOD and Route Compliance

From an initial meeting it was clear that TranSend could deliver the required improvements in control and tracking through integration with the route planning system.

TranSend manages the whole delivery and collection process, including scanning and exceptions. Deployed on Motorola rugged PDA devices, the system enables real-time tracking of drivers, vehicles and deliveries, providing drivers and back office staff with automated updates. Managers, drivers and customer service staff have tailored views that help them to respond appropriately with each customer.

As well as providing vehicle location information, TranSend monitors all activity against plan and answers the relevant questions to more pro-actively manage delivery efficiency and customer service.

Optrak route planning, uniquely, provides information on multi-day routes and TranSend uses this information to handle routes with overnight stops.

Implemented On Time and To Budget

Once the project was signed off, the TranSend and CDA teams had less than 3 months to go live. This tight deadline was even more intense by having new staff in the transport office and delivering the project at the busiest time of the year.

Gemma Bridge, Fleet Administrator at CDA, worked closely on the project:

The key issue was that we wanted to replace all the manual, paper-based processing. The TranSend project manager really had to get to know the ‘nuts and bolts’ of our processes and procedures to be able to configure TranSend to best suit our business needs. It was an ambitious target, but he committed to hit the deadline and drive the project to meet the timescale and budget.

The project involved all department heads across the CDA business and gave them the opportunity to really challenge their existing processes and procedures, and change them for the better.

Chris Thomas, Operations Manager at CDA, was responsible for the overall project:

Despite the massive change to all our processes the project has gone really well. Customers have readily adopted the paperless system– even some of the ‘old school’ types of business.

Moving forward, CDA is going to include the customer’s confirmation signature image at the bottom of each invoice which they can send electronically within half-an-hour of the delivery. This will eliminate request for PODs and delays to payment relating to proof of delivery.

Chris continues:

For me, this is the reality of a long-awaited project and hopefully the start of a long working relationship with the TranSend team. There is so much more that we can do with the system and the technology means that we can confidently move forward into the future.

The Business Value

The result for CDA is greater visibility of the delivery operation and its performance with a projected saving of £40k per annum in operational costs across the business including reduced fuel usage, reduced staff time in admin, logistics and finance, reduced printing and consumables and a reduction in customer claims.

  • Improved customer service with real-time delivery information to hand.
  • More efficient delivery service by monitoring and controlling planned drops.
  • Reduced fuel usage through tracking route compliance.
  • Reduction in staff time spent on queries on deliveries, shortages, and proof of delivery and credit claims.
  • Improved cash flow through same-day invoicing using accurate delivery information.
  • Reduction in paper and printing with all information on the PDA device.
  • Prompt management of exceptions by tracking delivery and driver information in real time.

It is also anticipated that the savings will grow year on year as further efficiencies and system improvements are introduced. We will also be protected from price increases through the consumables we no longer use.

Mark Gibbs, Finance Director at CDA, has been delighted with the project:

We have received excellent support from the TranSend team during our successful implementation. It was a pleasure to work with TranSend team and I think it is fair to say that the project was one of the most successfully managed that we have ever had at CDA. Chris, Gemma and other CDA colleagues worked tremendously hard whilst continuing to do the “day job” and with the tight project management provided by the TranSend team, we were all delighted that we delivered on time and to budget. We hope that this will be the start of a long term relationship.

CDA website



BarwickBarwick Bathrooms is a leading distributor of quality bathroom brands providing a range of services to bathroom specialists, plumbers and builders merchants across the UK.

In response to business growth, they have appointed a contract distributor to handle their deliveries in Scotland and will use TranSend ePOD for Android to manage this third party delivery operation.

Barwick Bathrooms has already deployed the TranSend ePOD solution across their own delivery fleet, using rugged handheld devices, extending the use of their supply chain execution software to electronic order and delivery confirmation.

Using Android PDAs, TranSend ePOD will feed real-time data from their sub-contracted delivery operation into their existing TranSend delivery management system to provide them with a global view of drops, mileage and delivery activity across the whole business.

The same TranSend ePOD solution operates on both rugged and consumer devices, making it the ideal choice for companies using sub-contractors, where the ePOD app can be downloaded onto any Android smartphone or tablet.

The subcontractor’s drivers will use Android mobile devices for all communication between the driver and the back office to:

  • Record the time the driver signs on and off.
  • Prompt the driver to carry out all vehicle checks and ensure all necessary equipment is loaded on the vehicle.
  • Provide drivers with all route and customer delivery information
  • Capture all relevant details about a customer delivery, including time, signature, photographic evidence and reason for any delivery failure.
  • Automate the payment check prompts for drivers collecting payments

The contract distribution management team will also have advanced notification of products being trunked to their depot in Glasgow and will be able to plan driver routes to make the most effective use of drivers and vehicles.

Barwick Bathrooms use the TranSend web-based Executive Dashboard to manage the delivery operation, utilising real-time information on delivery status measured against their own business KPIs to highlight and react to exceptions as they arise.

"We are delighted to have a fully integrated delivery management system". "As well as improving the efficiency of our delivery operation it is vital that we maintain the same level of service to all of our customers. Being able to provide sub-contractors with the same TranSend functionality on their own devices, means that we can more effectively monitor and manage the costs of all deliveries whilst providing our customers with excellent service and response times whether we use our own drivers or a third party."

Bob Ashley, UK Logistics Manager at Barwick Bathroom Distribution LLP

About Barwick Bathroom Distributors LLP:

Barwick are a leading distributor in the UK of Quality Bathroom Brands.

Based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, they provide a huge portfolio of products and a range of services to assist Bathroom Specialists, Plumbers Merchants, Builders Merchants.

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Dynamic Despatch

Dynamic DespatchUK couriers, Dynamic Despatch, offer a specialist service to manage the delivery and collection of high value hospital medical equipment.  They pride themselves on providing a cost-effective service, individually tailored to each customer’s needs.  To manage this delivery and collection operation, Dynamic Despatch has chosen an integrated TranSend ePOD, route optimisation, job tracking and delivery compliance solution with real-time communication between the drivers and head office using Android smartphone devices.

In addition to planning optimum routes, Dynamic Despatch will use TranSend to monitor the progress of each route in real time, which allows them to manage the whole delivery process and offer such high levels of customer service.

Using a pool of sub-contractors, Dynamic Despatch operate up to 20 routes per day and need to ensure that jobs can be completed to each customer’s specific requirements.  TranSend will be integrated with their existing InTransit TMS system, in order that routes are planned to optimise productivity and efficiency, whilst meeting customer time-slots and service expectations.

Once drivers have downloaded the TranSend app to their own Android devices, they can then download the route allocated to them for the day and, using instructions displayed on the PDA, complete the process for each delivery or collection including special instructions and checks.

Using TranSend, Dynamic Despatch can track all aspects of delivery and collection to monitor route compliance, manage exceptions and provide a signed proof of delivery. The PDA device provides real-time visibility of each route using GPS tracking and also captures event and exception data for all stops along the route.

The solution for Dynamic Despatch includes the TranSend web-based Executive Dashboard, which utilises real-time information on delivery status, measured against their own business KPIs, to highlight and react to exceptions as they arise, providing detailed management information.

"We see real business benefit in being able to plan the most effective routes and manage sub-contractors via their own Android devices".

"By eliminating the need for us to supply drivers with handheld devices, TranSend for Android is an ideal, cost-effective solution for our sub-contracted delivery operation. As importantly, the flexibility and ease of use of the route optimisation system means that we can plan the most effective routes taking into account orders, locations, the number of vehicles available and customer promises."

"Using TranSend for route optimisation and detailed delivery tracking means that we can communicate even more closely with our customers and provide them with access to real-time information. We, and our customers, can see that each delivery arrives quickly and efficiently to its specified destination or recipient".

Andrew Edwards, managing director at Dynamic Despatch


About Dynamic Despatch:

Dynamic Despatch are a specialist logistics supplier to the medical device market.  Since 1999 they have developed their systems and services around the needs of this sector, delivering bespoke logistical solutions, customer service support, and specialist vehicle provision.


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Anthony Munro-Martin delivery management video

Integrated delivery management extends the footprint of your ERP system to drive down delivery operation costs and improve customer service. The TranSend mobile data solution includes proof of delivery or collection, route builder, route compliance, customer portal and a back-office dashboard.

TranSend partner, m-hance, invited Anthony Munro-Martin to their customer conference to explain how the TranSend mobile data solution uses real-time data, driven through mobile devices, to track, monitor and manage every stage of the delivery and collection process from driver login to the end-of-day debrief.


Extract from article in m.logistics magazine issue 61:  Retail Distribution

Route Compliance provides additional cost savings

“Companies investing in a route optimisation system often fail to recognise the additional cost savings that efficient routing can provide when combined with a route compliance system”, says Anthony Munro-Martin, a director at TranSend, whose route compliance system is part of its ePOD solution.

“It helps identify operational non-compliance and validates the real-life accuracy of routing planning parameters such as travel speeds, opening/closing times and unloading rates.”

Sports retailer JD Sports is one advocate. As Tim Edwards, the company’s loss control director, explains:

“We can now see exactly what is happening today in real time, and then run end-of-day reports for review. In addition, by analysing the data over a period of time, we can review our route planning and timings and investigate specific trends, such as consistently late deliveries to a particular store, which may be due to some stores needing a longer turnround time because of limited access.

“TranSend provides us with valuable, real-time information and visibility of our delivery operation, using our own performance measures and working practices to manage exceptions better, including shortages, vehicle security breaches and missed delivery windows.”


Delivery Asset Tracking enables accurate customer billing

Retail distribution uses a lot of assets including roll-cage, containers, pallets and totes, which can be hidden cost if not proactively managed. TranSend’s Munro-Martin points out: “Knowing what assets are with which individual customers can be highly complex, and it is essential to be able to report the end-of-month balance of these assets for collection or charging purposes.

Palmer and Harvey, for example, use cages valued at over £100 each, representing a six-figure investment sum to the company each year. Using TranSend Delivery Asset tracking, they now have accurate real-time data on cages delivered to and collected from each site, which allows accurate billing to customers.”


Read full article in m.logisitics magazine




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