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TranSend’s integrated routing and ePOD mobile data solution is designed to streamline delivery proof of delivery and collection operations by planning optimum routes, monitoring the progress of each route in real time and managing the complete delivery process, including ePOD for proof of delivery.

Whether or not you have an existing route planning system, you can benefit from an integrated routing and ePOD solution.

“The flexibility and ease of use of the TranSend route optimisation system means that we can plan the most effective routes taking into account orders, locations, the number of vehicles available and customer promises. Using TranSend for route optimisation and detailed delivery tracking, including ePOD, means that we can communicate even more closely with our customers and provide them with access to real-time information. We, and our customers, can see that each delivery arrives quickly and efficiently to its specified destination or recipient”.  

Dynamic Despatch



The TC55 is designed to provide field workers with a rugged, reliable device with rich enterprise features combined with smartphone usability and form factor.  With the longest battery life in its class and all the business functionality your workers need to work more efficiently and better serve your customers, the TC55 is designed to run Android business applications, including TranSend mobile data applications such as ePOD and Job Management.


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POD recipient ID

“Too many POD systems just amount to a list of call points thrown on to a smartphone.  They don’t take account of actual customer demands”.

In the latest issue of Fulfilment and e.logistics, David Cook, managing director of TranSend Solutions Ltd, comments on the sophistication required by customers for ePOD.

In his POD feature, editor Peter Rowlands poses the question:  Why isn’t the necessary POD functionality already included in ERP or despatch management software?

David Cook has a simple explanation: “It’s because POD is a complex subject.  It’s not a natural extension of a typical enterprise resource planning suite.”

TranSend offers a route editing and vehicle loading module and also has a strong relationship with a number of routing and scheduling software suppliers.”While some scheduling suppliers take a ‘black box’ approach to POD gathering, the better ones provide full integration.”

On the subject of Android as a real alternative to Windows in the mobile world for professional applications, David Cook comments, “Some operators have delayed deciding on their mobile platform until Microsoft’s road map for mobile devices becomes clear, but they simply can’t wait any longer.”

Android means that ordinary smartphones can be used for data capture, although they are more fragile than industrial handheld terminals which can be dropped many times without damage. “But drivers take more care if they’re using their own phone,” David Cook argues.  ”And they’ll rarely let their own phone’s battery run flat.”  He also points out that many smartphone screens are larger than those of typical handheld terminals. “So there’s more space for people to write a legible signature.”

One of the practical attractions of Android in the POD world is that it helps transport operators who regularly make use of subcontracted drivers.  With TranSend, for example, subcontracted drivers can download the app to their own smartphones that will link them into the same POD system used by the company.

Read the full POD feature ‘Show me the proof’ in the Summer 2014 issue of Fulfilment and e.logistics magazine

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Bond International tyres

Bond International has selected the Route Compliance system from TranSend Solutions to monitor and manage its tyre delivery operation from 4 UK distribution centres to their customers nationwide.

Bond International is a national wholesale tyre distributor who supply millions of tyres each year to leading tyre retailing companies across the UK. They make in excess of 1000 deliveries per day with a fleet of 93 vehicles.

As part of a continuous improvement strategy, Bond International wanted to improve and maintain delivery service levels while minimising operational costs.

The Route Compliance system from TranSend Solutions gives them complete visibility of where vehicles are against their planned routes.  It enables them to monitor and react to delivery and operational issues as they arise rather than at the end of the day. Real-time GPS location of vehicles is provided by the in-vehicle telematics box and the Route Compliance system provides reporting, monitoring and exception alerting based upon delivery schedule information.  Automated reports include route exception analysis, turnaround and delivery time analysis and driver debriefs which provide full analysis of the driver working day as soon as they return to base.

Having access to real-time location information allows Bond International to offer a more pro-active customer service.  The system is integrated with their back office system so that any authorised user back at base can see the status of each consignment.

“We now know exactly where vehicles are and where they should be. The system clearly highlights where drivers are not sticking to the planned route and how long they are spending at each customer site. The reporting information provided by the system helps to identify where potential efficiencies can be made to improve service levels, reduce operational costs, minimise fuel usage and environmental impact and maximise driver utilisation. We can more quickly respond to customer delivery queries - having information immediately to hand to more accurately predict exact delivery times or if there has been a delay and let the customer know without having to make calls to drivers for updates. Being able to track vehicles in real-time also brings an added level of security to the business and its assets”.

Mike Bond, Transport Director at Bond International

About Bond International:

Bond International is a leading national wholesale distribution operation in the UK tyre market:

  • Comprehensive range of premium, budget and value for money tyres
  • 3,500 individually priced product lines
  • Suppliers of over 2.3 million tyres per annum
  • 4 national distribution centres
  • Daily deliveries (over 50% of destinations twice daily)