Wessex Water tanker

Wessex Water has implemented TranSend’s mobile waste job management system to generate sludge tankering jobs, capture real-time information via the PDA and provide electronic proof of collection and disposal. Routing integration to Truckstops enables Wessex Water to schedule jobs more efficiently and optimise the routing process.

In addition, real-time visibility of jobs and vehicle location means that they can now respond to ad-hoc and emergency jobs more efficiently using their own drivers, rather than using external contractors.

The TranSend solution is deployed on 50 Motorola MC75a rugged handheld devices for drivers with a hosted back-office management system. TranSend is also integrated with existing systems for order information, resource availability, tanker capacity and site logger. Using this integrated data, TranSend provides visibility of real-time information across the whole sludge management operation and generates reporting information on sludge data, driver activity, vehicle capacity, routes and tracking.

“TranSend and Truckstops provides us with a single, integrated view of data across the sludge management operation. The system provides the depth and breadth of real-time information that enabled us to remove manual processes, schedule jobs more efficiently and optimise the routing process. We now maximise the use of our own vehicles and drivers with fuller shifts, which has reduced the need for additional contractors and enabled us to respond to emergency jobs more effectively.”

Ashlea Lane, Head of Waste Water Treatment at Wessex Water


About Wessex Water:

Wessex WaterWessex Water are the regional water and sewage treatment business serving an area of the south west of England, covering 10,000 square kilometres including Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, most of Wiltshire and parts of Gloucestershire and Hampshire. YTL Power International of Kuala Lumpur acquired Wessex Water in May 2002. Wessex Water treats 475 million litres of sewage from 2.7 million customers a day.