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ILX15 award

TranSend ePOD won an award for IT & Software Award in the Transport Management category, at IntraLogistex on 25th March, for product innovation demonstrated by a member ePOD project with TPN – The Pallet Network.

The first UK IntraLogistics Awards recognised great products and services judged by senior engineering and facilities managers at leading retailers, manufacturers and third party logistics providers. 

The judges looked for outstanding products and services. Judging criteria included: innovation, return on investment, efficiency improvement, contribution to safety, environmental improvement, outstanding design and service excellence.


IntraLogisteX Award










David Cook, Managing Director of TranSend Solutions Ltd (pictured on the right above), comments:

“We are delighted to win this award in recognition of the innovative ePOD solution we offer our clients, including TPN – an innovating company that is committed to customer service excellence and offers its Members added value through streamlining and automating its delivery operation. TranSend has been widely adopted by transport operations to save time and reduce costs by automating manual processes. Through full visibility of the delivery process, they operate more efficiently, improve driver and vehicle utilisation and provide a more pro-active customer service. ”

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Delivery Intelligence - ePOD
New functionality for TranSend ePOD app users: Smart ETA’s and Jeopardy Alerts

Delivery Intelligence - ePODThe latest release of the TranSend ePOD app includes Smart ETA’s, based on current vehicle location and traffic conditions, updated in real time to provide more accurate arrival information. 

Delivery Jeopardy Alerts, driven from the driver’s device, allow delivery teams to keep customers informed of any issues as they arise and better meet any specified time-windows.

Using GPS tracking of the driver’s device, combined with live traffic conditions provides delivery operators and their customers with more accurate updates on ETAs.  This is of real benefit to customers who can track their delivery right up to the time the vehicle arrives on site.

This information also generates alerts to any exceptions to the planned route and delivery time.  In the back office, the delivery management team can visualise the status of all drivers, vehicles, routes and deliveries in real time with alerts to any deviation from plan.  Dashboard alerts to potential issues enable them to more pro-actively manage any deliveries in jeopardy and thereby improve customer service.

David Cook, managing director at TranSend Solutions comments:

“Smart ETAs and Jeopardy Alerts further enhance TranSend as an intelligent delivery management solution, spanning proof of delivery & collection (ePOD), route compliance, vehicle checks and trailer management – all driven from the driver’s device.  In addition, deployment of the TranSend app on smartphone and tablet devices removes the traditional device cost barrier and enables transport and delivery operations to track 100% of deliveries, whether by their own drivers or by subcontractors.”

One such example is The Pallet Network (TPN), one of the UK’s leading palletised freight distribution networks with over 100 Members handling in excess of 60,000 pallets a week.

Mark Duggan, Managing Director at TPN, explains:

“For our Members, the TranSend application will improve the complete TPN delivery process from the point of driver log on and confirmation of load on board, through customer delivery and collection, to final return to depot. It operates in real time to provide members with clear and comprehensive ‘live’ information of what is happening with each delivery and how that complies or deviates from the plan, highlighting exceptions as they occur.”