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Scottish Water Sludge Tanker

Scottish Water logoScottish Water has implemented TranSend’s mobile collection and disposal job management system to streamline and control its Waste Water Tankering Division.  Scottish water is a major water utility, with 1000 million litres of waste water being taken away and treated annually. The new mobile, real-time, data solution will provide full visibility of collection and disposal jobs, route compliance and driver activity across a fleet of 79 vehicles.

TranSend provides accurate, real-time information that confirms collections and deliveries with volumes, location and time data feeding back to the office. Live GPS feed from the tablets provides real-time plan versus actual monitoring and alerting, to enable Scottish Water to reallocate jobs and allocate ‘reactive’ jobs, maximising the use of their own fleet and reducing the cost of subcontractors.

The key benefit to Scottish Water is the comprehensive visibility of vehicles and drivers against the planned route. TranSend enables our drivers to receive accurate information on their device for routes and jobs on their shift. We constantly aim to raise customer satisfaction levels, which are already high. The TranSend dashboard provides our Scheduling Office with real-time information on arrivals and departures so that they can reallocate jobs as required and keep our customer better informed.

Brendon Williams, Scheduling Technical Lead at Scottish Water

Scottish Water treatment worksScottish Water employs a mixture of internal and contracted tankers for treatment works sludge removal and a private septic tank emptying service. The waste management service is a complex operation, with multi-shifted vehicles and a mixture of driver shift patterns including seven days on, seven days off and four days on, four days off, to maximise service.


Most tankers either pick up works or customer septic tank jobs, except in some rural areas where the same tanker may do pickups from both.

With over 100,000 movements per year going through the system, Scottish Water needed a real-time view of front-line operations to be able to monitor and measure service performance in terms of jobs delivered on time, missed jobs and any other exceptions to the planned route.

Deployed on Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4” Android devices, TranSend mobile job management has replaced their paper and spreadsheet-based manual system, which involved a static allocation of core works and inter-site jobs that made it very difficult to work reactively..

TranSend is integrated with Paragon route planning, providing Scottish Water with better visibility of the tanker’s activities again the route plan in terms of which jobs have been completed, cancelled, rejected etc.  Any uncompleted jobs can be rescheduled without delay and any urgent jobs are sent directly to the driver’s device. The system functionality links all disposals with the original collection point, either at treatment works or customer sites providing a full audit trail.

TranSend enables improved compliance in that we know when routes are running late and drivers are reaching their hours limit. This means that any outstanding jobs can be reallocated as necessary.

Brendon Williams

In addition, using their devices, drivers are able to close off jobs and update information on site location and customer contact details, thereby keeping data clean in the back office system. Drivers can also update the time required at each site which is returned to the source database to ensure that schedules are realistic on an ongoing basis.

TranSend has proved to be a really fantastic support partner throughout this whole project. They are always on hand for support and advice, helping Scottish Water to get the best out of the system.

Brendon Williams


About Scottish Water:

Scottish Water has 5.09 million customers in 2.46 million households. 1.34 billion litres of water is provided every day and 847 million litres of waste water is taken away and treated before being returned to the rivers and seas. Scottish Water is the sole provider of water and waste water services to an area of over 30,000 square miles, a third of the area of Britain.  And Scotland has a longer coastline – over 6,800 miles – with a small and relatively dispersed population which requires a large number of small water and waste water treatment works.

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TranSend will be demonstrating TranSend integrated ePOD and Routing – optimising delivery management. 

Access supply chain customers will see how TranSend ePOD manages the interaction with the transport office, the driver and the customer during the delivery and collection process.

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