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The TranSend ePOD app makes life easier for the back office to communicate with drivers individually or in groups, safe in the knowledge that messages are received and acted upon.

TranSend ePOD enables Two-way messaging between drivers and the back office, with acknowledgement checks to validate receipt.

  • Bulk messages can also be sent to defined groups
  • Forward messages can be scheduled
  • Attachments can be included, such as images or fitting instructions.

TranSend ePOD 2-way messaging


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With TranSend ePOD, the Incident and Accident recording app provides drivers with a structured means of recording incidents which occur either on the road or at a customer/patient location and the information gathered can then be accessed with TranSend reports.

  • The recording application can be activated at any time during the driver’s day by selecting a user-defined ‘hot key’
  • If the incident is a road traffic accident the PDA screens guide the driver through categorisation of the type and location of the incident, enables the collection of any witness contact details and provides a structure for driver comments and supporting photographs, taken using the PDA camera.

2BTraffic Accident      2GIncidentSummary

  • If the incident is at a delivery/patient location the system again enables recording of the type/severity of event together with driver comments and photography.


For more information:

Download Transport Compliance datasheet

Transport Compliance

ePOD devices

It’s a constant challenge for delivery operators to manage the different, and sometimes complex, delivery instructions for individual customers at each stop on a route.

Adding to the mix is the issue of driver shortages, which is exacerbated by a number of factors – the demographics of licence holders, retirements, falling numbers of new entrants and the Driver CPC.

This has driven an increase in delivery operators using agency and subcontracted drivers to fill the gap, which brings its own challenges in terms of driver experience and knowledge of your business processes.

So, how can you handle complex and detailed delivery instructions whilst meeting your customers’ expected delivery service levels?

Talk to us about how companies such as Palmer and Harvey, Wincanton, Brighthouse and Tardis Environmental have transformed their delivery operation using the TranSend ePOD app and back office system, using customised workflows for each stop – by customer, by contract, by product.

Simple, step-by step driver instructions via the PDA removes the need for detailed paperwork and ensures that products are delivered according to your customer’s specific requirements.

Much more than ‘sign on glass’ the TranSend ePOD app includes comprehensive functionality to manage the driver’s day, including vehicle checks, trailer management and accident & incident reporting; all of which ensures driver compliance with the requirements for each delivery, or job, with a duty of care.

Customer-specific stop details
Vehicle Checks
Incident recording
Dynamic Route Planning

With TranSend Dynamic Route Builder, new jobs can be allocated in real time directly to a route or vehicle.

Dynamic Route Builder enables planners to visualise jobs and allocate these to the most appropriate drivers/vehicles whilst they are out on the road.  The planner is provided with instant access to all job details for a given date range and all vehicle locations (including available capacity). The jobs can then be allocated using the simple drag and drop facility. This triggers an alert message to the driver’s PDA and automatically downloads the required job details.

The planner can then re-evaluate the route to provide a recommended and optimised route for the driver.  Importantly, this process takes into account any specific delivery criteria set against orders, such as delivery time-window or forced drop sequence.

“The flexibility and ease of use of the TranSend route optimisation system means that we can plan the most effective routes taking into account orders, locations, the number of vehicles available and customer delivery time-windows.”

- Andrew Edwards, managing director at Dynamic Despatch

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Route Management

Download TranSend Route Management Brochure

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Palmer and Harvey proof of delivery (ePOD)

Palmer and Harvey use Zebra TC75 rugged Android mobile devices, with integrated satellite navigation, to run the TranSend ePOD app for driver and delivery management, providing 100% coverage across their delivery network.

With a delivery network of 15 regional depots, Palmer and Harvey serves over 88,000 UK retail accounts, and makes more than 60,000 deliveries every week to a diverse range of clients, including, Shell, Welcome Break, Costcutter Supermarket Group, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and 1000’s of unaffiliated Independent stores. Palmer and Harvey also undertakes distribution activities for major manufacturers, such as Coca Cola Enterprises.

Mark Leonard, Group Operations Director at Palmer and Harvey, comments:

For our drivers TranSend is extremely easy and intuitive to use. Importantly, TranSend can handle all of our very specific customer requirements with workflow configured to provide the driver with detailed instructions at each stop by customer, by contract and by product.

Palmer and Harvey, the UK’s number one delivered wholesaler serving multiple, convenience, forecourt and CTN retail outlets, is to roll out TranSend ePOD to 793 drivers across its entire delivery fleet.

The integrated delivery management solution from TranSend provides:

  • Configurable workflow for each stop by customer, by contract and by product, such as GRN handling, sandwich returns, ‘drop and drive’, COD payment collection and uplifts.
  • Electronic proof of delivery, recording any exceptions
  • Accurate vehicle tracking using live traffic
  • Vehicle checks and safety messages
  • Two-way messaging between the back office and drivers
  • Delivery asset recording for roll cages and totes
  • Route compliance against plan
  • Customer self-service portal

With the new TranSend centralised system, Palmer and Harvey will benefit from:

  • improvement in cash flow from a reduction in automatic customer debits and disputed PODs pending POD confirmation.
  • cost-reduction through lower mileage, driver debrief time and drop-time, reduced admin for POD handling and claims, reduced archiving and elimination of lost PODs.
  • Increased customer satisfaction in resolving POD claims and queries quickly with access to a customer portal
  • Real-time delivery alerts, both at branch and to the customer, advising live ETAs
  • Tracking of delivery assets for accurate customer billing

Mark continues:

Removing the cost and time overhead of managing manual processes, means that we can focus on developing our value-add service to both existing and potential customers. Having real-time information visible at each depot and at head office, means that we are alerted to any delivery issues as they arise and are able to respond quickly. The new delivery management system and redesigned process will automate the delivery operation, reduce operational and admin costs and improve efficiency, whilst handling customer-specific workflows, sandwich returns, GRN processing and uplift processes.

Download Zebra TC75 spec sheet