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Reason 1: Improved Delivery Accuracy

Customer-specific stop details ePODBecause TranSend ePOD can be configured with a different workflow for each stop, down to product type level, it makes it easy for any driver to make accurate deliveries and collections with detailed prompts provided every step of the way.

With TranSend, once a driver has downloaded his route, he receives simple, step-by step instructions via his mobile device. All activity is tracked in real time, keeping the back office informed of job status, driver location and any events that occur on the route, including proof of delivery.

It removes the need for the driver to follow detailed paperwork and ensures that products and services are delivered according to specific customer requirements, with all activity tracked in real time.

“For our drivers TranSend is extremely easy and intuitive to use. Importantly, TranSend can handle all of our very specific customer requirements with workflow configured to provide the driver with detailed instructions at each stop by customer, by contract and by product.”  Mark Leonard, Group Operations Director at Palmer and Harvey


Deliveries and collections are handled accurately, whether by your own drivers, sub-contractors or agency drivers and no matter what mobile device they use.

Real time updates from the PDA to the back office with accurate delivery information allows you to improve cash-flow by enabling faster billing against confirmed deliveries.

“Having immediate and indisputable proof of any delivery exceptions at the customer site helps us to invoice accurately and thereby reduce late payments and credits.”  Trevor Edden, Managing Director at TWE Haulage


Reason 2: Improved Customer Service

JeopardyAlert-proof-of-delivery-ePODCommercial customers expect the same level of service as consumers in terms of delivery time-windows, which is a challenge for some delivery operations.

TranSend ePOD provides full visibility of the delivery operation, tracking actual routes against plan, with predictive ETAs and Jeopardy Alerts.

This means that our clients can provide their customers with accurate updates on delivery status.

“The adoption of TranSend ePOD provides our Members with real value through transparency of information as it happens; it replaces manual POD processing with indisputable and immediate electronic proof of delivery; it enables immediate response to customer queries; it manages and monitors compliance with customer service levels. All of which saves time, improves performance and reduces operational costs.” Mark Duggan, Managing Director at TPN

Any issues that arise at each stop are recorded via the driver’s PDA, including photographs and signatures which enables the back office to deal with any delivery issues, such as damages and shortages, as soon as they arise and take corrective action immediately.

“Being able to provide sub-contractors with the same TranSend functionality on their own devices, means that we can more effectively monitor and manage the costs of all deliveries whilst providing our customers with excellent service and response times whether we use our own drivers or a third party.” Bob Ashley, UK Logistics Manager at Barwick Bathroom Distribution LLP


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Pro-retail 2016

Palmer and Harvey will show their TranSend proof of delivery system live in action at Pro Retail 2016 at The International Centre, Telford, Shropshire on Tues 26th & Weds 27th April.

Pro-retail is the leading industry trade show for independent convenience, forecourt and CTN retailers.

Palmer and Harvey are currently rolling out the TranSend ePOD app across its entire fleet to drive more efficient delivery management and customer service benefits:

“Removing the cost and time overhead of managing manual processes, means that we can focus on developing our value-add service to both existing and potential customers.”

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