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See how TranSend ePOD and Route Planning can streamline your delivery operation from vehicle loading to delivery, returns and payment. Manage your drivers’ day from Android or iOS devices with step-by-step instructions tailored by customer drop, plus comprehensive vehicle checks, trailer management, fuel recording and detailed incident reporting. Route planning options range from drag and drop route building to automated building of optimised routes considering vehicle size, location, weight & volume and time constraints.

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Learn how companies such as Palmer and Harvey, Wincanton and Perfect Home use sophisticated scanning, dynamic route planning, intelligent ePOD and smart returns management to ensure that products are delivered according to customer’s specific requirements and, using data captured at the point of delivery and back at the warehouse or depot, speed up customer refunds or replacements and ensure that as many items as possible are shown back in stock for resale – a win-win solution to reduce business costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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It can be difficult to gain approval for the implementation of new systems based on improving customer service alone, but with TranSend ePOD, customers are reaping the additional benefits of operational cost-savings and visibility with an automated and integrated delivery management solution.

Improved Customer Service
  • TranSend provides you with a simple-to-use ePOD app that is readily adopted by your own or agency drivers and provides step-by-step instructions for each stop, with tailored workflow for customer-specific delivery requirements.
  • TranSend ePOD provides you with full visibility of the delivery operation in the back office, tracking actual routes against plan using live traffic information, with predictive ETAs and Jeopardy Alerts, which means that customers can automatically receive updates on delivery status.
  • Any discrepancies at each stop are recorded via the driver’s PDA, including notes, photographs and signatures which provides the back office with real-time alerts to any delivery issues, such as damages and shortages, as soon as they arise. Corrective action, such as replacements or refunds can be actioned immediately.
  • Delivery intelligence and reports enable you to monitor and improve high levels of customer service.
Operational Cost-Savings
  • Instant and accurate electronic proof of delivery data enables you to invoice within minutes of job completion.
  • Save time, reduce errors and costs by automating manual, paper-based processes.
  • The resulting reduction in customer claims and delivery queries reduces the operational overhead and well as reducing late payments and credits.
  • Remove loading errors and save time relating to finding missing items with load scanning reconciled with the route plan.
  • A single device manages the driver’s day including all delivery and collection job, vehicle checks, fuel transaction recording and incident reporting, making more efficient use of their time on the road.

See what some of our customers have to say:


Canute logistics ePOD“TranSend ePOD has taken away the driver’s’ manual workload and effectively manages their day. We now have real-time access to accurate delivery information instead of waiting for the driver to return to depot. With seamless, two-way interfaces with our route planning and telematics systems, we have the benefit of an integrated solution comprising the best applications for each function. The back office dashboard enables us, and our clients, to monitor real time delivery activity and service levels against the route plan, which gives us improved customer service reporting using live information.”

Alan Ringrose, Systems Optimisation Manager at Canute Logistics


Palmer and Harvey ePODFor our drivers TranSend is extremely easy and intuitive to use. Importantly, TranSend can handle all of our very specific customer requirements with workflow configured to provide the driver with detailed instructions at each stop by customer, by contract and by product.”  

Mark Leonard, Group Operations Director at Palmer and Harvey


Barwick bathrooms ePOD

“Being able to provide sub-contractors with the same TranSend functionality on their own devices, means that we can more effectively monitor and manage the costs of all deliveries whilst providing our customers with excellent service and response times whether we use our own drivers or a third party.” 

Bob Ashley, UK Logistics Manager at Barwick Bathroom Distribution LLP



TPN The Pallet Network“The adoption of TranSend ePOD provides our Members with real value through transparency of information as it happens; it replaces manual POD processing with indisputable and immediate electronic proof of delivery; it enables immediate response to customer queries; it manages and monitors compliance with customer service levels. All of which saves time, improves performance and reduces operational costs.”

Mark Duggan, Managing Director at TPN



ProCam ePOD“The additional benefit of vehicle checks and incident reporting on the TranSend app means that we can easily and cost-effectively manage the drivers’ day on a single mobile device.”

Nathan Sheppard, Group ICT Director at ProCam



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