TranSend proof of delivery (ePOD) app and route planning – Incident & Accident Reporting

Incident & Accident Reporting

Incident and Accident recording provides the driver with a structured means of recording incidents which occur either on the road or at a customer/patient location and the information gathered can then be accessed with TranSend reports.

  • The recording application can be activated at any time during the driver’s day by selecting a user-defined ‘hot key’
  • If the incident is a road traffic accident the PDA screens guide the driver through categorisation of the type and location of the incident, enables the collection of any witness contact details and provides a structure for driver comments and supporting photographs, taken using the PDA camera.
  • If the incident is at a delivery/patient location the system again enables recording of the type/severity of event together with driver comments and photography.

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Transport Compliance





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Record all incidents and accidents on the spot.


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