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We are delighted to announce that the Technology Award went to our entry with client Palmer and Harvey. The Technology awards goes to a business who has demonstrated that their use of technology has had direct and quantifiable benefit to the supply chain.


Award-SCE-1The 21st edition of the Supply Chain Excellence Awards took place last night at the Hilton, Park Lane. With 500 people from across the Supply Chain industry.

In this competitive category, the judges were impressed by the use of intelligent delivery management technology across the business, including with drivers out in the field, to provide company-wide benefits and improve customer service.

Palmer and Harvey has revolutionised the precision of their fulfilment service to customers by implementing a single proof of delivery (ePOD) app, deployed on Zebra TC75 rugged devices, and back office system to consolidate a multi-party distribution operation where deliveries and collections, with individual special requirements for different parties, can be handled on each route.





SCE Award TranSend ePOD Palmer and Harvey

The Palmer and Harvey and TranSend Solutions team collecting the award



Read more about Palmer and Harvey and TranSend ePOD.

ePOD delivery workflow

TranSend electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) is just one element of an integrated delivery management solution that gives our clients full visibility of the entire delivery process:


Route planning & optimisation

1. Creating routes from orders, route planning & optimisation

Orders are imported into the TranSend Order Well, including SKU-level details, due date, quantities, weights & volumes, delivery time windows and special instructions. Routes are built either by plotting stops on a map on-screen or through an automated process that selects all required orders and matches them to available vehicles. Optimisation creates the most efficient delivery sequence for the route, saving time and mileage.  Customers are pre-notified by email or SMS on planned arrival time. Routes can be exported back to support the picking process.


Vehicle checks scanning2. Vehicle checks & depot departure; scanning

Vehicle (and trailer) checks are performed on the PDA at the start and end of the day and any time you require in-between. The walk-around vehicle checks and defect reporting procedure by vehicle type complies with DVSA and FORS guidelines. Daily check sheets can be produced at any time, including roadside reporting.  Failed checks are categorised by severity and the app supports VOR processes for fixes, including vehicle change if required.  As part of the vehicle loading process, items can be scanned on to check that all items have been loaded onto the correct vehicle.


subcontractor ePOD3. Pass jobs to sub-contractors

Using the same TranSend app, sub-contractors and agency drivers download relevant routes on their own Android mobile devices and process jobs.  The app provides drivers with all route and customer delivery information and dynamically updates route with additional drops or changes. All relevant details about a customer delivery are captured, including time, signature, photographic evidence, payment and reason for any delivery failure.


4. Out on the road – PDA workflow

ePOD-workflowThe ePOD app manages the complete delivery process, presenting the driver with detailed stop, customer and product information (including customer-specific special instructions) and SatNav integration. Easy-to-capture customer signature for deliveries and collections, with time, date and location. Exception management for missed deliveries, shortages and damaged stock with photographs. The process is simple to use for the driver, with tailored workflow configured by individual stop or customer.  Real-time information and alerts provided to back office. Customers receive accurate ETAs by email or SMS based on current location and traffic.  Two-way messaging between the driver and back office includes acknowledgement checks and file attachments.


driver-debrief-return-scanning5. Back at depot; returns scanning; driver debrief

Once back at the depot, any returns and collections on the route are scanned off on the vehicle, identifying returns to the warehouse, refunds to be processed and damaged items that cannot be returned to stock. End-of-day vehicles checks are completed using the app, detailing any issues to instigate process for any fixes required. Driver debriefs are automatically generated, highlighting any exceptions to be addressed such as over-mileage or missed deliveries.


6. Analysis of delivery operation

Delivery analytics intelligenceThe dashboard includes a configurable control tower that allows users to create their own high level views and KPIs in real-time. This can be set to monitor On-Time-In-Full performance, delivery time accuracy, time spent at stops, clean or rejected deliveries, depot departure, returns and alerts relating to customer, route and driver issues. A traffic-light system is used to provide on-screen alerts to incident exceptions that fall outside specified tolerances with drill-down from any exception to investigate and deal with the issue quickly. Jeopardy Alerts allow delivery teams to keep customers informed of any issues as they arise.


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Zebra TC56 barcode scanning

Consumer devices are now available with tougher casing; rugged devices have become smaller, more streamlined and run on the Android OS. The line between them has become more blurred and your decision on devices should really come down to your own business requirement.

Do you need to scan barcodes and how intensive is the scanning requirement?  For example, if your ePOD app functionality incorporates high volumes of barcode scanning where speed and accuracy are a high priority, then you may want to consider an enterprise-grade rugged device.

Other questions that will affect your decision include:

  • A hazardous or harsh working environment?
  • Extremes of temperature, dust or dirt?
  • Lifecycle and support of device model?
  • Reliability and battery life?

Consumer devices can be more suited to safer environments and repetitive tasks that require a lightweight but powerful solution. Although they typically have a lower initial cost of acquisition, the total cost of ownership over the course of three or five years including maintenance and management can far outweigh the TCO of a rugged device.

Further reading to help you decide on the right device for your mobile business requirements:

TranSend ePOD clients use the same app on rugged and consumer devices, some with a mixed estate, which means that subcontractors and agency drivers can use the same system on their own devices.

Contact us to expore how TranSend ePOD and optional route planning can make your deliveries more efficient, reduce your operating costs and improve your customer service levels.

Debono foods chefs ingredients

Specialist food supplier, Debono, has selected TranSend’s electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) app and integrated route planning to underpin their premium delivery service for foodservice clients, including vehicle checks, temperature recording and payment handling.

Debono Foods

Debono supplies to restaurants, hotels gastropubs, delis and specialist catering businesses in London and the South East and offer next-day delivery six days a week.

Routes will be generated using order data from Debono’s Intact IQ ERP system and optimised in TranSend. The TranSend ePOD app will be deployed on Android devices with customer-specific workflow to remove paper processes and manage the drivers’ day.

Gareth Allen, Debono Foods owner, comments:

“Our reputation stands on delivering excellent customer service and TranSend will enable us to have real-time visibility of our delivery process, improve delivery accuracy and efficiency and provide our customers with a more pro-active service”.

About Debono Foods:

Debono Foods is a specialist supplier of high quality foods and key ingredients to chefs in London and the South East. They provide an extensive range of ambient goods, chilled foods and specialist ingredients from all around the world.

Supply Chain Excellence awards 2017

TranSend Solutions has been shortlisted with customer Palmer and Harvey as a finalist for the Technology Award in the 2017 Supply Chain Excellence Awards. These awards recognise and reward organisations around the world that demonstrate excellence in their supply chain operations.

The Technology awards goes to a business who has demonstrated that their use of technology has had direct and quantifiable benefit to the supply chain.

Palmer and Harvey has revolutionised the precision of their fulfilment service to customers by implementing a single proof of delivery (ePOD) app, deployed on Zebra TC75 rugged devices, and back office system to consolidate a multi-party distribution operation where deliveries and collections, with individual special requirements for different parties, can be handled on each route.

The winners of the 2017 Awards will be revealed in front of more than 600 industry leaders at London’s Park Lane Hilton on Tuesday, 14th November.

Read more about Palmer and Harvey’s project with TranSend ePOD


Home and Retail, specialist transport and warehousing partner for furniture retailers, has selected TranSend’s electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) app to manage their premium delivery service to both home and retail premises in the UK and Ireland, simplifying the process for drivers and providing real-time tracking of deliveries.

Home and Retail provides a white glove delivery service for many retail furniture clients including  House of Fraser, Dunelm, Heal’s and Natuzzi Italia, operating a fleet of 35 vehicles from 5 depots across the UK.

The TranSend ePOD app will be deployed on Samsung Galaxy Xcover4 Android devices and integrated with CoPilot for sat nav to provide drivers with step by step instructions, specific to each retailer’s requirements for delivery and assembly, including exchange of goods as required and managing collections for return to supplier or disposal.  TranSend route compliance monitors the route plan against actual performance and, in the back office, transport management and customer service teams receive real-time alerts to deal pro-actively with any issues as they arise.

Home and Retail use Ortec route planning and optimisation and TranSend will integrate with their operational system to share route and delivery information. All goods will be tracked from the point of collection or receipt to the point of delivery and information, including updated ETAs, made available to retailers, suppliers and manufacturers via a dedicated Customer Access website.

Modestas Kuzas, Director at Home and Retail, comments:

“Home and Retail take enormous pride in providing a professional end to end, fully integrated stockholding and delivery solution for furniture retailers as their chosen representative for the final stage of the consumer’s purchase experience.

Our reputation stands on delivering excellent customer service and TranSend will provide us and our clients with real-time visibility of the delivery and collection process, improve delivery accuracy and efficiency and provide our retail clients with a more pro-active service for their customers.”


About Home and Retail:

Home and Retail are the largest privately owned fully in-house, nationwide, white glove furniture delivery service in the UK and Ireland. Their unrivaled service includes two-man delivery, one-man delivery, the delivery of small items and pick and pack operations.



FORS AssociatesThe latest release of the TranSend app makes it easier for organisations to achieve and maintain FORS accreditation and includes detailed vehicle and trailer checks, defect reporting & management, incident and accident reporting – all supported by two-way messaging for communication and document sharing.

Data captured by the driver’s PDA generates an intelligent back-office workflow to monitor and manage vehicle and driver safety, including VOR status with full history of defect maintenance.

TranSend route planning and optimisation help operators to ensure that the safest, most efficient vehicles and routes are used and that routes are adhered to unless relevant authority is provided.

David Cook, managing director, comments:

“TranSend already work with a number of FORS-accredited operators and, as an associate, our aim is to make it easier for other FORS members to ensure that their delivery fleet is being run safely, as efficiently as possible and in an environmentally sound manner with the TranSend app, route management and intelligent workflow processing.”

“We are delighted that TranSend Solutions has joined us as a FORS Associate, offering our members an exclusive discount. We look forward to working with them to help our members run safer, more efficient fleets,” said Paul Wilkes, FORS Business Services Manager.

About FORS 

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme established in 2008. It is open to UK and non-UK fleet operators, and to the organisations who award contracts to those operators. With over 4,500 members, FORS is now well-established as the go-to accreditation scheme for best practice. For more information visit


About FORS Community Partnership

FORS is managed by the FORS Community Partnership, comprising:

  • AECOM – a trusted FORS delivery partner and global consultancy
  • Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport – the independent and highly respected professional Institute
  • Fleet Source – the specialist fleet services support organisation responsible for auditing

The Partnership’s blend of commercial and industry based organisations is fully aligned with the safety, efficiency and environmental values of FORS.  All three have a long association with FORS, over many years contributing to; the development of the Standard; the implementation of systems and scheme support; and the delivery of training and audit quality assurance.


Route planning

As well as fully-automated building of optimised routes, TranSend’s integrated route planning and dynamic route builder gives you the option to manually create and amend routes from order details at any time prior to delivery.

Orders passed through from  your order management system are held in the Route Builder order well. Routes can be built by dragging and dropping orders onto a new or existing route which can either be viewed as a list or in map view.

Dynamic Route Planning


  • Planners can visualise allocated and un-routed orders for a given date range, including details of location, time-windows and make planning decisions based on vehicle location and available capacity.
  • Whether routes have been created in TranSend or have been imported from and external system, this also allows orders to be moved from one route to another, or simply removed from a route and put back in the order well for future planning.
  • Routes can be modified with new orders for deliveries or collections while the driver is out on the road, where updated stops and instructions are automatically pushed to the driver’s device.

Route Management   Download datasheet: TranSend Route Management














PJH Group delivery vehicles

PJH Group has implemented TranSend’s electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) app and back office system to offer its retail and construction clients a premium delivery service, including accurate ETAs and real-time ‘track n trace’ access via a customer portal.

Since 1972 PJH have sourced and supplied bathrooms, kitchens and appliances to customers throughout the UK; from large multi-site retailers to independent retailers; from builders merchants to house builders. PJH operate a fleet of over 100 vehicles across 4 depots and supply over 10,000 products every day.

The TranSend ePOD app is deployed on Zebra TC75 rugged devices and uses routes generated from an Epicor ERP system, to simplify delivery processing for PJH drivers and to generate real-time delivery intelligence.

  • TranSend ePOD includes driver vehicle and trailer checks with integrated CoPilot sat-nav instructions that adapt to trailer type.
  • Product and delivery data is captured by the driver scanning products on and off the vehicle, providing full traceability of items delivered, returned or rejected and identifies any exceptions at pallet, outer or product level for accurate and timely returns management and processing.
  • ETA’s are calculated based on current position, average speed and the road network, keeping PJH customers updated with accurate delivery times.
  • For ‘cash on delivery’ (COD) customers, TranSend ePOD includes full instructions for the driver, including contacts, credit information, amount and payment method. Any variation in payment amount can be authorised, where necessary, using a security pin. Amounts collected by card, cash or cheque are shown on the driver end-of-day debrief for ease of reconciliation.

Andy Dunn, Head of Transport at PJH Group, comments:

Our customers perceive the final part of our service as the most important, because the delivery of products is often the area which can have the greatest impact on their day. At PJH, we continually invest to improve our service levels across all areas and TranSend ePOD now underpins our aim to deliver 100% of product, on time every time and provides us with real-time visibility of stock in transit, provides customers with accurate ETAs and simplifies the process for drivers, including payment collection.

PJH Group logo





More about PJH Group:




Red car symbol blocked with metal chains

They say that ‘knowledge is power’ and, with a growing requirement for immediate, on-demand information across the whole supply chain – delivery and in-transit information needs to be accurate and shared across all operational areas.

ERP, order management and warehouse systems provide visibility of orders and stock to the point of despatch and then . . .  you need to wait for the driver’s paperwork to be returned in order to close the supply chain loop.

In the meantime, do you know what’s happening with your deliveries, collections and returns ?

  • What deliveries are on which vehicle – and is it the right vehicle?
  • Has the delivery left the building?
  • When is it due to be delivered?
  • Is it on time?
  • Can you automatically update the customer on the ETA?
  • Was it delivered and when?
  • Were there any issues at the point of delivery?
  • Do you know what stock is being returned and why?
  • Is the customer happy?
  • Do you have accurate information for immediate invoicing, credit or replacement?

TranSend ePOD is more than just electronic proof of delivery.

The ePOD app and back-office management system provides full-process supply chain delivery intelligence integrated with your operational systems to show the status of all stock, deliveries and collections, even in transit.

TranSend’s data capture workflow is based on products, individual customers, specific contracts and job types with user-defined visit checks and notes, presented as easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions via the driver’s device.

Here are just a few customer implementation examples of supply chain delivery management solutions incorporating integrated electronic proof of delivery and route planning:

Canute logistics ePOD




Canute Logistics have multiple customer contracts and use TranSend ePOD to monitor real-time activity and service levels against the route plan.

The back-office dashboard enables us, and our clients, to monitor real time delivery activity and service levels against the route plan, which gives us improved customer service reporting using live information’.


Henderson Group




Henderson Group use the TranSend ePOD workflow to handle variable customer delivery requirements such as Drop & Go, Drop & Lock and Cash-On-Delivery for Foodservice and Wholesale.

We wanted an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution that was simple and intuitive to use for our own and any agency drivers, with the depth of workflow functionality to manage customer-specific requirements at each stop and down to product detail level for variables such as temperature and weights.’ 


perfecthome proof of delivery (ePOD)



High street retailer Perfect Home use TranSend ePOD and integrated route planning for store and home delivery & collection and provide automated text alerts to store and customer when the delivery vehicle is a pre-defined distance away.

‘TranSend will enable us to better plan, manage and monitor our store and customer deliveries and provide a more efficient and proactive service.’


Woodstock Leabank logo



Commercial office furniture distributor Woodstock Leabank use TranSend ePOD and integrated route planning to build and optimise routes dependent on availability of stock and vehicles – based on weight and volume, including installation time.

The system is easy to use for both drivers and office staff and will streamline the process from taking orders, through to getting them scheduled and delivered.’

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