Brighthouse achieve tighter control over delivery and collection process with TranSend ePOD

Brighthouse, the leading UK rent-to-own retailer, is using TranSend ePOD from to manage deliveries and collections between its depots, stores and customers to improve customer service and drive down operational costs through automating processes.

TranSend ePOD allows Brighthouse to control what goods are delivered and collected, where and when, and by which vehicle. Real-time tracking of deliveries and collections allows them to react to exceptions, including non-delivery, providing drivers and back office staff with automated updates via Motorola MC65 rugged PDA devices.

This ePOD project will integrate processes and systems for route planning and customer orders, to help control operational costs, reduce damage claims and eliminate unnecessary paperwork and telephone calls. A pilot project at the Brighthouse Wakefield branch has already demonstrated significant operational and management benefits:

  • Drivers spend less time in re-sequencing routes, handling manual run sheets and calls with the office.
  • Damages and non-deliveries by reason are recorded electronically in real-time with production of each POD including photographs and notes
  • Customer queries are handled immediately, without the need to call the driver.
  • Delivery service questionnaires are completed at the customer delivery point eliminating the need for follow up telephone calls and manual data entry.
  • Built-in reports and enquiries aid performance monitoring of the delivery operation.

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The TranSend solution will quickly deliver benefits to the business. With TranSend ePOD, we have full visibility of delivery activity across the business. We can already see that the system has brought efficiencies to the delivery operation, including tighter control over customer claims and delivery route changes. With multi-dimensional real-time data, we can more pro-actively manage our interaction with the customer.

Mike Dyde

Project Manager at Brighthouse