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Debono foods chefs ingredients

Specialist food supplier, Debono, has selected TranSend’s electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) app and integrated route planning to underpin their premium delivery service for foodservice clients, including vehicle checks, temperature recording and payment handling.

Debono Foods

Debono supplies to restaurants, hotels gastropubs, delis and specialist catering businesses in London and the South East and offer next-day delivery six days a week.

Routes will be generated using order data from Debono’s Intact IQ ERP system and optimised in TranSend. The TranSend ePOD app will be deployed on Android devices with customer-specific workflow to remove paper processes and manage the drivers’ day.

Gareth Allen, Debono Foods owner, comments:

“Our reputation stands on delivering excellent customer service and TranSend will enable us to have real-time visibility of our delivery process, improve delivery accuracy and efficiency and provide our customers with a more pro-active service”.

About Debono Foods:

Debono Foods is a specialist supplier of high quality foods and key ingredients to chefs in London and the South East. They provide an extensive range of ambient goods, chilled foods and specialist ingredients from all around the world.

Route planning

As well as fully-automated building of optimised routes, TranSend’s integrated route planning and dynamic route builder gives you the option to manually create and amend routes from order details at any time prior to delivery.

Orders passed through from  your order management system are held in the Route Builder order well. Routes can be built by dragging and dropping orders onto a new or existing route which can either be viewed as a list or in map view.

Dynamic Route Planning


  • Planners can visualise allocated and un-routed orders for a given date range, including details of location, time-windows and make planning decisions based on vehicle location and available capacity.
  • Whether routes have been created in TranSend or have been imported from and external system, this also allows orders to be moved from one route to another, or simply removed from a route and put back in the order well for future planning.
  • Routes can be modified with new orders for deliveries or collections while the driver is out on the road, where updated stops and instructions are automatically pushed to the driver’s device.

Route Management   Download datasheet: TranSend Route Management














Red car symbol blocked with metal chains

They say that ‘knowledge is power’ and, with a growing requirement for immediate, on-demand information across the whole supply chain – delivery and in-transit information needs to be accurate and shared across all operational areas.

ERP, order management and warehouse systems provide visibility of orders and stock to the point of despatch and then . . .  you need to wait for the driver’s paperwork to be returned in order to close the supply chain loop.

In the meantime, do you know what’s happening with your deliveries, collections and returns ?

  • What deliveries are on which vehicle – and is it the right vehicle?
  • Has the delivery left the building?
  • When is it due to be delivered?
  • Is it on time?
  • Can you automatically update the customer on the ETA?
  • Was it delivered and when?
  • Were there any issues at the point of delivery?
  • Do you know what stock is being returned and why?
  • Is the customer happy?
  • Do you have accurate information for immediate invoicing, credit or replacement?

TranSend ePOD is more than just electronic proof of delivery.

The ePOD app and back-office management system provides full-process supply chain delivery intelligence integrated with your operational systems to show the status of all stock, deliveries and collections, even in transit.

TranSend’s data capture workflow is based on products, individual customers, specific contracts and job types with user-defined visit checks and notes, presented as easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions via the driver’s device.

Here are just a few customer implementation examples of supply chain delivery management solutions incorporating integrated electronic proof of delivery and route planning:

Canute logistics ePOD




Canute Logistics have multiple customer contracts and use TranSend ePOD to monitor real-time activity and service levels against the route plan.

The back-office dashboard enables us, and our clients, to monitor real time delivery activity and service levels against the route plan, which gives us improved customer service reporting using live information’.


Henderson Group




Henderson Group use the TranSend ePOD workflow to handle variable customer delivery requirements such as Drop & Go, Drop & Lock and Cash-On-Delivery for Foodservice and Wholesale.

We wanted an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution that was simple and intuitive to use for our own and any agency drivers, with the depth of workflow functionality to manage customer-specific requirements at each stop and down to product detail level for variables such as temperature and weights.’ 


perfecthome proof of delivery (ePOD)



High street retailer Perfect Home use TranSend ePOD and integrated route planning for store and home delivery & collection and provide automated text alerts to store and customer when the delivery vehicle is a pre-defined distance away.

‘TranSend will enable us to better plan, manage and monitor our store and customer deliveries and provide a more efficient and proactive service.’


Woodstock Leabank logo



Commercial office furniture distributor Woodstock Leabank use TranSend ePOD and integrated route planning to build and optimise routes dependent on availability of stock and vehicles – based on weight and volume, including installation time.

The system is easy to use for both drivers and office staff and will streamline the process from taking orders, through to getting them scheduled and delivered.’

Get started on your Supply Chain Delivery Management Visibility
Delivery Intelligence - ePOD

If only all deliveries went 100% to plan without any exceptions, rejections or returns and credit handling  . . .

​The cost, time and effort needed to handle delivery exceptions manually makes it a slow process, but delivery accuracy and how you handle rejected or returned items has a direct impact on your business costs, your ROI and, not least, the perceived level of customer service that you provide.

Find out more at our seminar on 15th March at IntraLogisteX #ILX17, Ricoh Arena.





With the latest version of TranSend, companies such as Palmer and Harvey, Wincanton and Perfect Home use sophisticated scanning, dynamic route planning, intelligent ePOD and smart returns management to ensure that products are delivered according to customer’s specific requirements and, using data captured at the point of delivery and back at the warehouse or depot, speed up customer refunds or replacements and ensure that as many items as possible are shown back in stock for resale – a win-win solution to reduce business costs and improve customer satisfaction:

  • Load scan-on, using the route manifest, ensures that the right goods are on the right vehicle for each route, identifying any missing items before departure
  • Dynamic route planning produces optimised routes with clearly identified delivery times which can be messaged to the customer the day before the delivery
  • Accurate ETA’s with in-journey updates of ETA’s (using live traffic) with updated arrival notifications and jeopardy alerts
  • Intelligent ePOD uses customised workflow by customer, contract and product including split cases, temperature monitoring and cash processing
  • Real-time proof of delivery and exception data enables accurate invoicing or cash collection
  • Smart returns management shows items for receipt back at depot for reverse scanning back into stock, remedial action or disposal

The TranSend ePOD app provides simple step-by-step instructions via the PDA, removing the need for detailed paperwork and saving driver time.  Much more than ‘sign on glass’, the app manages the driver’s entire day including vehicle checks, trailer management, fuel recording and incident reporting.

You can see TranSend in action and hear more on our customer case studies at IntraLogistex, 15-16 March 2017


IntraLogisteX 2017

IntraLogisteX 2017 is for logistics professionals who are looking for solutions to current and future challenges and promises to be bigger than ever, offering visitors the opportunity to see how all the latest cutting-edge technology can transform their operations so they stay one step ahead of the competition.

Visitor passes are FREE and give you full access to all the cutting-edge solutions on display, live demonstrations and the informative, inspiring sessions within the Technical Seminar Theatre (See TranSend on Day 1, 15th March at 12.15).

Opening Times:

09:30 until 16:00 on Wednesday, 15th March 2017
09:30 until 15:30 on Thursday, 16th March 2017

Visit the TranSend Solutions team on stand 110 to see:

  • How the TranSend ePOD app provides simple step-by-step instructions via the PDA, removing the need for detailed paperwork and saving driver time.  Much more than ‘sign on glass’, the proof of delivery app manages the driver’s entire day including vehicle checks, trailer management, fuel recording and incident reporting.
  • The route planning options within TranSend for amending and building route plans, range from simple manual route building (using drop and drag), through to the automated building of optimised routes taking into account each order’s requirements and constraints – including weight and volume, location, time-window, vehicle size.

ILX TranSend exhibition stand



More information on the IntraLogisteX event website 

IntraLogisteX 2017

food and drink delivery

To meet the demands of food & drink retailers, restricted delivery time-windows are often the norm and the need for accurate deliveries and control of returned goods are critical in minimising shrinkage and speeding up the payment process for deliveries.

Here are some of the TranSend system features used by our food and drinks clients:

  • Integrated route optimisation and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD)
  • Cash collection handling
  • Asset management of delivery cages
  • Handling of delivery assets – e.g. keys required for delivery to certain sites
  • Tracking to SKU level, handling different units of measure
  • Driver prompts specific to drop and to individual items at each drop, e.g. temperature-controlled items
  • Returns handling – non-deliveries and collections
  • Load validation before leaving the depot.

Our food and drink clients include:

Penta Foods, an Indian food manufacturer and distributor to restaurants and specialist food outlets with 2 UK depots.

Brindisa Foods, who deliver fine Spanish food to the UK market from their London base .

Harveys Brewery, deliver to their 47 pubs and free trade premises in London and the South East.

Hildon Water, deliver their natural spring water to their prestigious client base.

Hendersons Foodservice supply Spar stores in Ireland.

Palmer and Harvey, the UK’s number one delivered wholesaler serving multiple, convenience, forecourt and CTN retail outlets.

Read more about TranSend ePOD at Palmer and Harvey

IntraLogistex 2016 ILX16

Visit IntraLogisteX at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 16th & 17th March to see TranSend ePOD and Route Planning in action:

  • Seminar 

    on 16th March at 11.30:  Intelligent ePOD addresses the challenge of providing a tailored customer experience vs. driver shortages

Customer-specific stop details

Using client case studies, you will learn how companies such as Palmer and Harvey, Wincanton, Brighthouse and Tardis Environmental have transformed their delivery operation using the TranSend proof of delivery (ePOD) app and back office system, using customised workflows for each stop – by customer, by contract, by product.

The TranSend ePOD workflow can be customised for each stop by customer, by contract and by product. It removes the need for any driver to follow detailed paperwork and ensures that products and services are delivered according to specific requirements, with all activity tracked in real time.

The latest TranSend ePOD app includes comprehensive functionality to manage the driver’s day, including vehicle checks, trailer management, 2-way messaging, predictive ETAs using live traffic, delivery jeopardy alerts and an incident recording app; all of which ensures driver compliance with the requirements for each job, with a duty of care.

Register for IntraLogistex:  We look forward to meeting you there

IntraLogistex 2016 ILX16

POD recipient ID

“Too many POD systems just amount to a list of call points thrown on to a smartphone.  They don’t take account of actual customer demands”.

In the latest issue of Fulfilment and e.logistics, David Cook, managing director of TranSend Solutions Ltd, comments on the sophistication required by customers for ePOD.

In his POD feature, editor Peter Rowlands poses the question:  Why isn’t the necessary POD functionality already included in ERP or despatch management software?

David Cook has a simple explanation: “It’s because POD is a complex subject.  It’s not a natural extension of a typical enterprise resource planning suite.”

TranSend offers a route editing and vehicle loading module and also has a strong relationship with a number of routing and scheduling software suppliers.”While some scheduling suppliers take a ‘black box’ approach to POD gathering, the better ones provide full integration.”

On the subject of Android as a real alternative to Windows in the mobile world for professional applications, David Cook comments, “Some operators have delayed deciding on their mobile platform until Microsoft’s road map for mobile devices becomes clear, but they simply can’t wait any longer.”

Android means that ordinary smartphones can be used for data capture, although they are more fragile than industrial handheld terminals which can be dropped many times without damage. “But drivers take more care if they’re using their own phone,” David Cook argues.  ”And they’ll rarely let their own phone’s battery run flat.”  He also points out that many smartphone screens are larger than those of typical handheld terminals. “So there’s more space for people to write a legible signature.”

One of the practical attractions of Android in the POD world is that it helps transport operators who regularly make use of subcontracted drivers.  With TranSend, for example, subcontracted drivers can download the app to their own smartphones that will link them into the same POD system used by the company.

Read the full POD feature ‘Show me the proof’ in the Summer 2014 issue of Fulfilment and e.logistics magazine

Find out more about TranSend ePOD customers, including Android, smartphone and subcontracted driver use

Woodstock Leabank depot

Woodstock Leabank use the TranSend integrated route planning & electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) app running on Android smartphone devices. The business has streamlined its delivery operation by planning optimum routes, monitoring the progress of each route in real time and managing the complete delivery and collection process, including ePOD, thereby eliminating manual processes and administration time.

Woodstock Leabank is one of the UK’s major suppliers of commercial and office furniture operating a strong installation and distribution network and pride themselves on delivering high quality products and excellent customer service.  As an innovative business Woodstock Leabank is always looking to deliver fresh design ideas and solutions to its ever-growing customer base.

The business operates its own fleet of eight vehicles and also utilises four spot hire vehicles to supplement this fleet. Woodstock Leabank truckThe company commits to deliver within 10 working days of the customer order and therefore needs to plan effectively in order to ensure it is able to meet customer expectations whilst optimising its available fleet.

TranSend builds and optimises routes based on job details fed from their EDP order management system, availability of stock and the ability to fill vehicles – based on weight and volume.

Using the TranSend app on standard Android Smartphones, drivers download their allocated route for the day and then follow the prescribed process for deliveries and collections, including special instructions, signatures, photos, etc.

Back at the office, TranSend provides complete visibility of the route using GPS tracking from the smartphone, capturing any events and exceptions that have occurred along the route and manage driver compliance against the planned route.

The TranSend integrated route and delivery management system meets our business needs as an effective and affordable solution" "TranSend is unique in providing integrated route planning and delivery management from a single supplier. The system is easy to use for both drivers and office staff and will streamline the process from taking orders, through to getting them scheduled and delivered." "TranSend will allow us to design our own KPI dashboards, which will provide us with real-time views of the operation in a format that is easy to visualise, understand and interrogate." "For us, as a small fleet operator, TranSend takes away the pain of route planning and allows us to optimise routes and vehicle usage, whilst improving our delivery service and ensuring we meet customer promises.

Joe OMalley, managing director at Woodstock Leabank

Woodstock Leabank logo

About Woodstock  Leabank: Woodstock Leabank supply and install office, commercial and education furniture throughout the UK. Member of the British Contract Furnishing Association (BCFA).

Find out more about TranSend ePOD for Android and Subcontractors


Dynamic Despatch

Dynamic DespatchUK couriers, Dynamic Despatch, offer a specialist service to manage the delivery and collection of high value hospital medical equipment.  They pride themselves on providing a cost-effective service, individually tailored to each customer’s needs.  To manage this delivery and collection operation, Dynamic Despatch has chosen an integrated TranSend ePOD, route optimisation, job tracking and delivery compliance solution with real-time communication between the drivers and head office using Android smartphone devices.

In addition to planning optimum routes, Dynamic Despatch will use TranSend to monitor the progress of each route in real time, which allows them to manage the whole delivery process and offer such high levels of customer service.

Using a pool of sub-contractors, Dynamic Despatch operate up to 20 routes per day and need to ensure that jobs can be completed to each customer’s specific requirements.  TranSend will be integrated with their existing InTransit TMS system, in order that routes are planned to optimise productivity and efficiency, whilst meeting customer time-slots and service expectations.

Once drivers have downloaded the TranSend app to their own Android devices, they can then download the route allocated to them for the day and, using instructions displayed on the PDA, complete the process for each delivery or collection including special instructions and checks.

Using TranSend, Dynamic Despatch can track all aspects of delivery and collection to monitor route compliance, manage exceptions and provide a signed proof of delivery. The PDA device provides real-time visibility of each route using GPS tracking and also captures event and exception data for all stops along the route.

The solution for Dynamic Despatch includes the TranSend web-based Executive Dashboard, which utilises real-time information on delivery status, measured against their own business KPIs, to highlight and react to exceptions as they arise, providing detailed management information.

"We see real business benefit in being able to plan the most effective routes and manage sub-contractors via their own Android devices".

"By eliminating the need for us to supply drivers with handheld devices, TranSend for Android is an ideal, cost-effective solution for our sub-contracted delivery operation. As importantly, the flexibility and ease of use of the route optimisation system means that we can plan the most effective routes taking into account orders, locations, the number of vehicles available and customer promises."

"Using TranSend for route optimisation and detailed delivery tracking means that we can communicate even more closely with our customers and provide them with access to real-time information. We, and our customers, can see that each delivery arrives quickly and efficiently to its specified destination or recipient".

Andrew Edwards, managing director at Dynamic Despatch


About Dynamic Despatch:

Dynamic Despatch are a specialist logistics supplier to the medical device market.  Since 1999 they have developed their systems and services around the needs of this sector, delivering bespoke logistical solutions, customer service support, and specialist vehicle provision.


Find out more about TranSend ePOD for Android