route optimisation

The latest CILT Driver Shortage Crisis Report highlights the short-term need for operators to combat the challenges of driver shortages and using agency drivers.

With delivery operations being increasingly squeezed on price, but needing to provide higher levels of customer service, distributors need technology to manage their operation more efficiently –  but at an affordable cost.

TranSend customers benefit from using an integrated routing and ePOD system to ensure that routes, vehicles and driver-time is optimised to get the best performance possible from existing resources.

The same proof of delivery app is used by own drivers and agency drivers to provide a real-time view of the whole delivery operation, provide predictive ETA’s, ‘jeopardy’ alerts and a proactive customer response to any queries or potential delays.

In many cases, this had also reduced the need and cost of additional sub-contracted drivers.

proof of delivery appThe TranSend proof of delivery app can be used on any Android mobile device, providing real-time information, using GPS tracking, to the Transport, Customer Service and Planning teams.  Leveraging the power of smartphone devices, users can download the ePOD app on their own choice of device, for a relatively low cost for equipment.


Hear what our customers say . . .

“We see real business benefit in being able to plan the most effective routes and manage sub-contractors via their own Android devices using the TranSend ePOD app. By eliminating the need for us to supply drivers with handheld devices, TranSend for Android is an ideal, cost-effective solution for our sub-contracted delivery operation.”

“We have elevated the value we add to existing and new clients by now providing a ‘smarter’ customer service. For example, delivery jeopardy alerts, driven from the driver’s device, allow us to keep customers informed of any issues as they arise and better meet any specified time-windows.”

“Being able to deploy the TranSend app on Standard Android smartphones as well as the Motorola TC55 Android devices, means that the same system can be used by our own drivers and subcontractors alike, which makes it a really flexible and cost-effective solution for our business.”