Dynamic Route Planning

In the latest issue of m.logistics magazine, Sharon Clancy talked to TranSend Solutions about how dynamic route scheduling and real-time monitoring of the route plan help delivery operations to differentiate their customer service.

‘A lot of companies don’t need a full routing package. SMEs are more concerned with questions such as size of load, capacity of vehicle and when the order needs to be delivered. A user-friendly, basic scheduling system can help make efficiencies . . . you just need time-windows, routes and customer locations.’ – Anthony Munro-Martin, Director at TranSend Solutions.


TranSend is unique in providing an integrated routing and ePOD solution from a single supplier.  All that’s needed is an order file to get your routing up and running.   Real-time data capture from the handheld provides all the information you need to manage deliveries and collections, including route compliance, vehicle checks, tracking and electronic proof of delivery.

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