Dynamic Route Planning

With TranSend Dynamic Route Builder, new jobs can be allocated in real time directly to a route or vehicle.

Dynamic Route Builder enables planners to visualise jobs and allocate these to the most appropriate drivers/vehicles whilst they are out on the road.  The planner is provided with instant access to all job details for a given date range and all vehicle locations (including available capacity). The jobs can then be allocated using the simple drag and drop facility. This triggers an alert message to the driver’s PDA and automatically downloads the required job details.

The planner can then re-evaluate the route to provide a recommended and optimised route for the driver.  Importantly, this process takes into account any specific delivery criteria set against orders, such as delivery time-window or forced drop sequence.

“The flexibility and ease of use of the TranSend route optimisation system means that we can plan the most effective routes taking into account orders, locations, the number of vehicles available and customer delivery time-windows.”

- Andrew Edwards, managing director at Dynamic Despatch

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Route Management

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