TranSend proof of delivery (ePOD) app and route planning – Job/Ticket Allocation & Execution

Job/Ticket Allocation & Execution

The TranSend Dynamic Route Builder module provides a ‘staging post’ for routes, orders and tickets.  Planners can allocate orders and ticket details to drivers either via a map view or grid view, based on the physical location of vehicles and customers, to get optimal use of their assets and workforce.

Using GPS to combine real-time location and ticket information, TranSend provides full job tracking capability via the driver’s mobile device to monitor and manage every event within a given route.  The system can be configured to report exceptions in real time to be able to proactively manage jobs and thereby improve efficiency, reduce costs and provide excellent customer service.

The result is:

•             Visualisation of vehicle status/capacity, job location and routes to improve planning

•             Build routes to prioritise promised jobs and time slots

•             Facility to build routes for future days/weeks

•             Real-time job status update

•             Re-sequence jobs/tickets automatically to optimise routes

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Route Management

TranSend ePOD
Manages job tickets for product and service delivery.


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