TranSend proof of delivery (ePOD) app and route planning – Route Planning & Optimisation


The TranSend ePOD operation is based upon planned routes which can be provided by an existing route planning tool or transactional operational system. Alternatively, with TranSend Route Planning, routes can be created from within the TranSend application.

There are a number of options within TranSend for the building of route plans, ranging from simple manual building (using drop and drag), through to the automated building of optimised routes based on standard sales orders (taking into account number of orders, weights and volumes, locations, fleet size and availability, customer promise etc.).

  • Route Builder provides a “staging post” for routes, orders, jobs and products with the option to amend these prior to vehicle departure and PDA download.
  • Route Optimisation allows the user to automatically re-sequence the drops on any route, optimising both the time and distance required, whilst also taking into account customer time windows.
  • Route Generation provides the facility to generate routes dynamically for a single depot, based upon the number of vehicles available and the order/job details selected for the particular day.
  • Dynamic Route Builder enables planners to visualise jobs and allocate these to the most appropriate drivers/vehicles, in real time, using the drag and drop facility, then re-optimise the route to account for any specific drop sequence or delivery time-window.

route planning and route optimisation

Download TranSend Route Management Brochure

Need to see how your vehicles are performing against the route plan?  See Route Compliance