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In the latest issue of m.logistics magazine, Sharon Clancy talked to TranSend Solutions about the adoption of smartphone apps for drivers and how this reduces costs and streamlines the delivery operation from vehicle checks to ePOD.

“Some SMEs have been under pressure to adopt ePOD because it is being demanded by their customers; yet the capital cost of devices has been a deterrent, even for larger companies.  Rugged devices can be expensive, especially when subcontractors have to be factored in. Now drivers (and subcontractors) can simply download the TranSend app onto their smartphone and people are confident that the technology works.  Once a driver has acknowledged that the app is installed, routes can be downloaded via the TranSend platform.  Apps are written in basic Android code, so there are no concerns over what Android device or version the app is deployed on”.
  • Reduce capital costs by supplying drivers with smartphones or using their own devices
  • Easily integrate subcontractors using their own smartphone devices
  • Reliable, proven technology – already in use
  • Any Android smartphone or tablet

Read more about customers using the TranSend app on smartphone or tablet devices:

Read the full article in m.logistics magazine


Find out more about ePOD

TranSend is unique in providing an integrated routing and ePOD solution from a single supplier.  All that’s needed is an order file to get your routing up and running.   Real-time data capture from the handheld provides all the information you need to manage deliveries and collections, including route compliance, vehicle checks, tracking and electronic proof of delivery.  Subcontractors can download the Android app and use the same system as your own drivers.

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