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ProCam vehicles ePOD and route planning

ProCam ePODProCam has selected TranSend integrated route planning and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) deployed on Android devices to remove paperwork, plan the most efficient routes, automate the delivery management process and provide ProCam with real-time visibility of their customer deliveries.

ProCam is a national agricultural chemical distribution and agronomy group comprising a network of 16 regional businesses that provide the UK’s top producers with crop protection products and advises farmers on how to get the most out of their crops through better production management methods. ProCam’s business has seasonal peaks and regional variations in supply as well as specific delivery compliance requirements for hazardous products. In addition to managing routes and deliveries more efficiently, ProCam needed an ePOD system that could manage the driver’s day from a single device, including ad-hoc deliveries, vehicle checks and incident reporting.

TranSend are supplying tracking, electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), route planning, optimisation and compliance for their fleet of 80 vehicles operating from their regional sites.

Orders are generated from their IFS order management system and from then on TranSend handles the route building, planning and optimisation, taking into account any specific customer delivery instructions and time-windows.

Deployed on Android smartphone devices, the TranSend ePOD app will present drivers with their route for the day with step-by-step instructions for each stop, including site-specific delivery instructions, signature capture and recording of any events or exceptions as they arise.

Once out on the road, data captured by the TranSend app will provide the back office with complete, real-time visibility of each route, highlighting any exceptions as they occur, so that ProCam can respond quickly to any customer queries.

Importantly for ProCam, from a health and safety perspective, the TranSend app enables comprehensive, configurable vehicle safety checks, plus detailed incident and accident reporting.

TranSend are providing us with a fully integrated route planning and ePOD solution which will enable us to plan the most efficient routes for deliveries and provide a more efficient and proactive service, with a real-time view of the progress of each route and driver. The additional benefit of vehicle checks and incident reporting on the TranSend app means that we can easily and cost-effectively manage the drivers’ day on a single mobile device.

comments Nathan Sheppard, Group ICT Director at ProCam


Perfect Home retailer

Perfect Home

PerfectHome has selected TranSend ePOD and integrated route planning to provide an automated delivery management system that will replace paper processes, optimise the use of their drivers and vehicles, provide real-time visibility of the delivery operation and enable pro-active communication with stores and customers.

PerfectHome is a household goods retailer offering quality products to customers through weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment options with 70 stores in high streets and shopping locations across the UK.

They needed a system to plan and track deliveries at order detail level, including key data such as customer details, locations, product information, special instructions and time-windows – as well as any product-specific attributes.

TranSend are supplying tracking, electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), route planning, optimisation and compliance for their fleet of 45 vehicles operating from their national and local warehouses.

Individual orders will be passed from their Open-Retail ERP system and TranSend will handle the route building, planning and optimisation. In addition, route compliance, will monitor the actual route against plan for assessment and driver debrief.

The TranSend ePOD app will be deployed on Android smartphone devices and will provide drivers with their route for the day with step-by-step instructions for each stop, including signature capture and recording of any events or exceptions as they arise. Deliveries will be GPS-tracked with the system highlighting any delays. Pre-delivery text alerts are to be sent to the customer or store automatically when the vehicle is a pre-defined distance away.

Once out on the road, data captured by the TranSend app will provide the back office with complete, real-time visibility of each route, highlighting any events and exceptions as they occur, which means that PerfectHome can respond quickly.

Jeannette Davies, New Business and Logistics Director at PerfectHome, comments:

“We have selected TranSend to enable us to better plan, manage and monitor our store and customer deliveries and provide a more efficient and proactive service. TranSend offers us an integrated route planning and proof of delivery system with the flexibility to support business growth and handle any changes required in the delivery process workflow”


About PerfectHome:

PerfectHome is a household goods retailer offering quality products and choice to customers through weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment options. Established in 2006, PerfectHome has opened 70 stores in high streets and shopping locations across the country. PerfectHome was proud to achieve formal accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation in September 2014. As a member of the Retail Leadership Group of the Prince’s Trust, PerfectHome has provided work placements within its stores for young people and makes a regular donation to support its work.


Hardstaff barriers proof of delivery (ePOD)

Hardstaff Barriers Limited, the UK market leader in the provision of concrete safety barriers, has gone live with TranSend ePOD to manage and monitor their complete delivery, deployment and collection process.

Hardstaff provide barriers for hire or purchase and offer a full transportation, installation and removal service, supplying tier one civil contractors such as Balfour Beatty, Vinci and Costain, as well as most traffic management companies.

The company wanted a system to streamline and track the process from work order to job completion and provide full visibility of job status. The system also monitors route, driver and delivery compliance against job-specific parameters.

Mark Lord, Director at Hardstaff Barriers, explains:

Our business was looking to increase cash flow management, improve visibility of workflow and streamline our business practices by implementing an ePOD solution that best suited our company’s needs. TranSend provided us with the ability to send scheduled work orders directly from our current Transportation Management System, effectively route our team to our customer sites and have visibility of the entire process from start to finish.

Work orders are passed from the existing Transportation Management System, including key data such as customer details, locations, product information, special instructions and time-windows.

The TranSend application has been deployed on 10 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Android devices and provides Hardstaff Barriers with complete visibility of the route using GPS tracking, captures any events and exceptions that have occurred along the route, highlights exceptions and provides detailed reports and enquiries.

Mark continues:

The benefits of the TranSend system not only include work order tracking at every stage of the process but also allows us to provide electronic driver vehicle checks, and improved communications with our drivers and customers. Instant electronic proof of delivery reports provide us with the ability to invoice within minutes of job completion.



Palmer and Harvey proof of delivery (ePOD)

Palmer and Harvey use Zebra TC75 rugged Android mobile devices, with integrated satellite navigation, to run the TranSend ePOD app for driver and delivery management, providing 100% coverage across their delivery network.

With a delivery network of 15 regional depots, Palmer and Harvey serves over 88,000 UK retail accounts, and makes more than 60,000 deliveries every week to a diverse range of clients, including, Shell, Welcome Break, Costcutter Supermarket Group, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and 1000’s of unaffiliated Independent stores. Palmer and Harvey also undertakes distribution activities for major manufacturers, such as Coca Cola Enterprises.

Mark Leonard, Group Operations Director at Palmer and Harvey, comments:

For our drivers TranSend is extremely easy and intuitive to use. Importantly, TranSend can handle all of our very specific customer requirements with workflow configured to provide the driver with detailed instructions at each stop by customer, by contract and by product.

Palmer and Harvey, the UK’s number one delivered wholesaler serving multiple, convenience, forecourt and CTN retail outlets, is to roll out TranSend ePOD to 793 drivers across its entire delivery fleet.

The integrated delivery management solution from TranSend provides:

  • Configurable workflow for each stop by customer, by contract and by product, such as GRN handling, sandwich returns, ‘drop and drive’, COD payment collection and uplifts.
  • Electronic proof of delivery, recording any exceptions
  • Accurate vehicle tracking using live traffic
  • Vehicle checks and safety messages
  • Two-way messaging between the back office and drivers
  • Delivery asset recording for roll cages and totes
  • Route compliance against plan
  • Customer self-service portal

With the new TranSend centralised system, Palmer and Harvey will benefit from:

  • improvement in cash flow from a reduction in automatic customer debits and disputed PODs pending POD confirmation.
  • cost-reduction through lower mileage, driver debrief time and drop-time, reduced admin for POD handling and claims, reduced archiving and elimination of lost PODs.
  • Increased customer satisfaction in resolving POD claims and queries quickly with access to a customer portal
  • Real-time delivery alerts, both at branch and to the customer, advising live ETAs
  • Tracking of delivery assets for accurate customer billing

Mark continues:

Removing the cost and time overhead of managing manual processes, means that we can focus on developing our value-add service to both existing and potential customers. Having real-time information visible at each depot and at head office, means that we are alerted to any delivery issues as they arise and are able to respond quickly. The new delivery management system and redesigned process will automate the delivery operation, reduce operational and admin costs and improve efficiency, whilst handling customer-specific workflows, sandwich returns, GRN processing and uplift processes.

Download Zebra TC75 spec sheet 

TomTom Telematics Partner Expo 2015

TomTom 8275 ePODTomTom Telematics


The TomTom Telematics Partner Expo is a unique experience designed for current and prospect TomTom Telematics customers who are interested in getting the most out of the integration capabilities of WEBFLEET.

TranSend is a Gold sponsor of the event and will be demonstrating integrated ePOD and Route Management for the TomTom PRO 8270/8275 at the Expo.


Presentation at 2.30pm: 

TranSend integrated ePOD and Routing – optimising delivery management for fleet operators

During our 30-minute presentation, we will show how TranSend ePOD manages the interaction with the transport office, the driver and the customer during the delivery and collection process.

This event is open all day. Attendance at the TomTom Telematics Partner expo is for free. Coffee, tea and lunch will be provided.




For TranSend, as an early adopter, Android has been a game-changer in terms of the ease and cost of ePOD deployment.

The same proof of delivery app can be used by own drivers and agency drivers to provide a real-time view of the whole delivery operation, provide predictive ETA’s, ‘jeopardy’ alerts and a proactive customer response to any queries or potential delays.

David Cook, TranSend Managing Director, explains . . .

route optimisation

The latest CILT Driver Shortage Crisis Report highlights the short-term need for operators to combat the challenges of driver shortages and using agency drivers.

With delivery operations being increasingly squeezed on price, but needing to provide higher levels of customer service, distributors need technology to manage their operation more efficiently –  but at an affordable cost.

TranSend customers benefit from using an integrated routing and ePOD system to ensure that routes, vehicles and driver-time is optimised to get the best performance possible from existing resources.

The same proof of delivery app is used by own drivers and agency drivers to provide a real-time view of the whole delivery operation, provide predictive ETA’s, ‘jeopardy’ alerts and a proactive customer response to any queries or potential delays.

In many cases, this had also reduced the need and cost of additional sub-contracted drivers.

proof of delivery appThe TranSend proof of delivery app can be used on any Android mobile device, providing real-time information, using GPS tracking, to the Transport, Customer Service and Planning teams.  Leveraging the power of smartphone devices, users can download the ePOD app on their own choice of device, for a relatively low cost for equipment.


Hear what our customers say . . .

“We see real business benefit in being able to plan the most effective routes and manage sub-contractors via their own Android devices using the TranSend ePOD app. By eliminating the need for us to supply drivers with handheld devices, TranSend for Android is an ideal, cost-effective solution for our sub-contracted delivery operation.”

“We have elevated the value we add to existing and new clients by now providing a ‘smarter’ customer service. For example, delivery jeopardy alerts, driven from the driver’s device, allow us to keep customers informed of any issues as they arise and better meet any specified time-windows.”

“Being able to deploy the TranSend app on Standard Android smartphones as well as the Motorola TC55 Android devices, means that the same system can be used by our own drivers and subcontractors alike, which makes it a really flexible and cost-effective solution for our business.”


Trailer tracking

The TranSend app now enables hauliers to see the exact whereabouts of their trailers and which vehicles they are hooked up to, safe in the knowledge that all checks have been completed before departure.

Using trailer identification and verification, the driver’s PDA will show which trailer is hooked up to his truck and forces associated safety checks by trailer type, before he sets off. 

Once active, the trailer location is tracked via the PDA and the back-office team can see exactly which trailer is hooked up to which truck, and its location, at any time.

If a certain trailer was specified for the job, the system checks that the right trailer has been coupled, reporting every variance and avoiding costly mistakes.

The trailer is tracked at each stop and where a trailer swap occurs, the driver is forced to re-run safety checks on the new trailer.

Following an overnight break, the driver is also forced to run vehicle and safety checks.

There is also an option to integrate with tracking units on all trailers in the field to provide a single, comprehensive view of all trailer assets.

David Cook, managing director at TranSend Solutions comments:

“With the addition of Trailer Management, TranSend users can easily see the exact location of trailers and their associated vehicles, including trailer swaps, with a full audit trail of stops and safety checks.” 

More on ePOD and Delivery Management for Transport & Logistics

TPN central Hub

TPN The Pallet NetworkTPN – The Pallet Network – handles in excess of 60,000 pallets a week through its state-of-the-art, purpose designed 367,500 square foot Hub based in Minworth, West Midlands. It also has a Northern distribution Hub near Preston. TPN boasts a Membership comprising over 100 of the best independent hauliers in the UK together with 28 companies which comprise TPN Ireland. TPN Ireland’s Hub is based in Dublin.

TranSend ePOD has been fully integrated with TPN’s Member IT system, TPN Connect, resulting in a one-stop-shop solution that automates and simplifies the delivery process for TPN Members with a low cost of deployment on their own choice of Android smartphone.

TPN Connect ePOD (TranSend) enables TPN and its Members to:

  • Save time and reduce costs by automating manual, paper-based processes.
  • Improve customer service by providing accurate, immediate information on the status of all deliveries, including ETAs
  • Leverage the power of smartphone devices and deploy the TranSend app with a low cost of entry on their own choice of Android device.
  • Track actual versus planned routes and deliveries, through the planned route optimisation technology. This will provide visibility of Member performance throughout the network.
The Challenge

TPN hub MinworthTPN operates a ‘hub and spoke’ distribution model where Members operate within an allocated region, handling palletised freight through the TPN Hub in Minworth, West Midlands. With a central Hub operation handling over 12,000 pallets each day, TPN needed an ePOD solution capable of tracking high volumes of trans-shipped pallets from their collection point to final delivery.

To encourage and manage the roll-out to 100+ Members, the system had to be simple and cost-effective to deploy across drivers, sub-contractors or agency drivers alike.

The Solution

TranSend ePOD provides Members, typically operating up to 50 vehicles, with a comprehensive proof of delivery system for the distribution of TPN pallets.

  • The ePOD app tracks the complete delivery process from the point of driver log-on, through customer deliveries and collections, capturing mobile signatures with location, timestamp and any relevant photographic evidence. This data provides indisputable proof of what has been delivered to whom, where and when.
  • Visibility of live data gives TPN and Members greater operational efficiency by making drivers and vehicles more efficient and speeding up the resolution of any delivery issues.
  • The resulting reduction in customer claims and delivery queries reduces the operational overhead for TPN Members.
  • Using barcode scanning on the smartphone speeds up the collection and delivery process.
  • TranSend will also optimise routes for TPN Member vehicles to minimise mileage and driver time, while ensuring agreed customer service levels.
The adoption of TranSend ePOD provides our Members with real value through transparency of information as it happens; it replaces manual POD processing with indisputable and immediate electronic proof of delivery; it enables immediate response to customer queries; it manages and monitors compliance with customer service levels. All of which saves time, improves performance and reduces operational costs.

says Mark Duggan, Managing Director at TPN.

Innovative solution, deployment and licensing

TranSend ePOD gives TPN complete control over deployment to its Members, and Members control of its deployment to their sub-contractors and drivers. Deployment is immediate on any Android device – smartphone, tablet or ruggedised device.

This provides added flexibility for Members as subcontractors can use exactly the same system, managed by the TPN Member.

The licensing model accommodates fluctuations in the peaks and troughs of delivery cycles and operates to support the whole TPN community without the need for additional intervention.

For our Members, the TranSend application will improve the complete TPN delivery process from the point of driver log on and confirmation of load on board, through customer delivery and collection, to final return to depot. It operates in real time to provide members with clear and comprehensive ‘live’ information of what is happening with each delivery and how that complies with or deviates from the plan, highlighting exceptions as they occur.

adds Mark Duggan, MD at TPN.

Ease of Implementation

For TPN, TranSend ePOD was implemented within 10 weeks, ahead of the planned timescale.

TranSend ePOD is very intuitive to use and, being deployed on ‘familiar’ smartphone devices, it only takes five minutes to get a driver up and running and ready to go.

TPN has been able to promote ePOD as a ‘self-launch’ product to Members.  There was no need for workshops before going live, for example, as a ‘hands on’ approach has worked best to get drivers using the product quickly and easily.

TranSend shadowed the TPN team to get the first Member live and from there, TPN has been able to set up and train Members itself.  Some Members have handled deployment themselves.

With, on average, eight Member transport businesses going live each week, the complete rollout was completed within 3 months.

As a significant part of a much wider project, TranSend was a ‘stand-out’ implementation down to a very responsive project manager and support team working closely with TPN development staff. In fact, I would say it has set a ‘gold’ standard compared to other suppliers we have worked with.

says Mark Duggan, MD at TPN.

Return on Investment

The introduction of TranSend ePOD to TPN Connect has taken TPN to the forefront of IT service offerings in the pallet network sector, which adds further value to the network for both new and existing Members.

For TPN:

  • 104 Members (110 depots) -  individual businesses – all have a common area of operation on TPN Connect and can be measured on performance centrally
  • Centralised, integrated data enables accurate Member billing
  • TPN can be more responsive in monitoring delivery compliance, as far more can be done centrally, without the need for paperwork
Aside from all the efficiency gains, the reduction in paperwork across the network is huge. Previously, an average depot was printing between 100 and 350 A4 sheets per day.

comments Mark Duggan, MD at TPN.

For TPN Members:

There has been a massive impact on operational efficiency that enables TPN Members to grow their business through improved customer service. The ePOD system:

  • Eliminates human errors through automation via the PDA
  • Offers more efficient use of driver time
  • Reduced admin costs in time and paper processing, scanning and storage
  • Provides photographic evidence if necessary that provides indisputable proof to the customer
  • Automatically generates ETAs to ensure that time-windows are not missed
  • Reduces credit claims and customer queries with faster, accurate billing
  • Easily monitor performance in real time
  • Provides delivery intelligence to improve and maintain high levels of customer service
  • Improves communication between TPN and Members
Having immediate and indisputable proof of any delivery exceptions at the customer site helps us to invoice accurately and thereby reduce late payments and credits.

says Trevor Edden, Managing Director at Banbury-based TPN Member TWE Haulage.

Business Impact
The implementation of TranSend has added a whole new level of scalability to our business in terms of growing the network, with a much tighter and more resilient customer offering.

says Mark Duggan, MD at TPN.

We have elevated the value we add to existing and new clients by now providing a ‘smarter’ customer service. For example, delivery jeopardy alerts, driven from the driver’s device, allow us to keep customers informed of any issues as they arise and better meet any specified time-windows.”

says Trevor Edden, Managing Director at TWE.

The Future

Phase 2 for TPN will be the roll-out of TranSend Route Optimisation which allows TPN Members to automatically re-sequence drops on any route, optimising both the time and distance required, while also taking into account any specific factors, such as customer time-windows.

This integrated route optimisation will further minimise mileage and drivers’ time while ensuring agreed customer service levels. TPN Members will improve driver and vehicle utilisation by optimising loads and routes and thereby reduce cost per delivery.

TPN case study TranSend ePOD


Download case study PDF


TranSend Solutions Ltd will be exhibiting and presenting a technical seminar at the inaugural IntraLogisteX event at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 25th and 26th March 2015.

Seminar – The Smartphone Revolution in Transport & Logistics: Thursday, 26th March at 12:15

Come and find out how customers like Wincanton, The Pallet Network (TPN), Barwick Bathrooms and Severn Trent Water have transformed their transport and logistics operations using TranSend ePOD on smartphone and tablet devices.

Leveraging the power of smartphone and Android devices, flexible and cost-effective delivery management systems are now within easy reach of the SME transport operator and distributor.

There is also a shift by larger delivery operators in adopting the TranSend Android app, which they can deploy on multiple device types, as required, to manage both their own fleet and subcontractors using a single system.

Using client case studies, you will learn how TranSend customers have transformed their logistics operations using the TranSend ePOD app on a mix of Android smartphones, tablets and rugged devices. They have deployed powerful, yet flexible, workflow, capturing the precise data required to improve efficiency and pro-actively manage their customer service – all driven from the driver’s PDA.

Much more than ‘sign on screen’ the TranSend ePOD app includes comprehensive functionality to manage the driver’s day, including vehicle checks, trailer management and accident & incident reporting; all of which ensures driver compliance with the requirements for each delivery or job with a duty of care.


TPN The Pallet Network

Severn Trent Water logo]

TranSend provides a 360 degree, real-time view of routes, drivers, vehicles, trailers, deliveries and collections that helps to reduce operational costs, improve cash flow and provide a more efficient and pro-active customer experience.

Visit TranSend Solutions on Stand 143.

IntraLogisteX will provide a unique programme of technical seminars, free for all end-user practitioner visitors, to give you the chance to be among the first to see how new technologies and innovations could be put to good use in your organisation.

CILT CPD hours Get Up to 10 Hours’ CPD: the IntraLogisteX agenda has been accredited by the CILT and you can claim 5 hours of CPD per day.