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TranSend ePOD V3 electronic proof of delivery

Version 3 of the TranSend ePOD app has a raft of new features that enable users to more pro-actively manage their delivery operation and provide a more responsive customer service:

  • Predictive ETAs: GPS tracking of the driver’s device, combined with live traffic conditions using HERE maps, provides delivery operators and their customers with more accurate updates on ETAs. This is of real benefit to customers who can track their delivery right up to the time the vehicle arrives on site.

TranSend ePOD Predictive ETA

  • Delivery Jeopardy Alerts: Driven from data captured on the driver’s device, alerts enable delivery teams to keep customers informed of any issues as they arise and better meet customer expectations, such as specified time-windows.

TranSend ePOD Delivery Jeopardy Alert

  • Vehicle Checks & Defect Reporting: Drivers can simply highlight any exceptions on their PDA to streamline the checking process and save time. A new, intelligent ‘vehicle with trailer’ check sequence generates different checks dependent upon trailer type. Checks are prompted at the start and end of the day and also if a trailer is swapped during the day. End-of-day reports, showing defect with photos, complies with DVSA guidelines.

Vehicle Checks App


  • Incident App: The recording process is prompted by the driver’s PDA; details are entered and an automated message is sent to the transport office. The incident logging location is recorded, together with any witness details and relevant photos.
  • 2-Way Messaging: In addition to generating delivery alert messages, TranSend ePOD enables 2-way messaging between drivers and the back office, with acknowledgement checks to validate receipt. Bulk messages can be sent to defined groups, forward messages can be scheduled and attachments can be included, such as images or fitting instructions.

TranSend ePOD 2-way messaging

"TranSend customers are seeing real efficiency, time and cost-saving benefits from being able to manage their deliveries and jobs by exception. TranSend removes manual processes and provides accurate, real-time information at your fingertips, so that our users can offer a more responsive service to their customers. The new functionality in Version 3 of TranSend ePOD provides users with a truly intelligent delivery management solution, spanning proof of delivery & collection (ePOD), route compliance, vehicle checks and trailer management - all driven from the driver’s device.”

comments David Cook, managing director at TranSend Solutions Ltd




vehicle checks app
Apps for automating driver’s daily walk-round checks and defect reporting cut out the paperwork and time involved to confirm that a vehicle is safe to leave the depot and ensure that compliance data is centralised, thereby maximising the time that your vehicles and drivers are out on the road.  On the PDA, the TranSend app forces driver and vehicle checks for duty of care compliance, before leaving the depot.


vehicle checks app

Vehicle Checks

With the TranSend app, vehicle checks are performed electronically via the PDA at the start and end of the day, including odometer readings as well as GPS distance and fuel pumped.

The standard PDA app includes a vehicle check and defect reporting procedure that complies with DVSA guidelines* with walk-around checks and vehicle defect reporting in real time.

The application also has the ability to provide health and safety notifications and other location-specific driver notification and assessment.

This simplifies the process of collecting data, eliminates the risk of missing paperwork and means that your drivers spend more time out on the road.


Incident and Accident Recording

When incidents occur, the PDA guides the driver through the incident and accident recording process.

If the incident is a road traffic accident the PDA screens guide the driver through categorisation of the type and location of the incident, enables the collection of any witness contact details and provides a structure for driver comments and supporting photographs, taken using the PDA camera.

If the incident is at a delivery/patient location the system again enables recording of the type/severity of event together with driver comments and photography.


Transport Compliance






*DVSA Guide to maintaining roadworthiness: This guide clearly sets out your responsibilities and is full of helpful advice on maintenance procedures, what checks and monitoring systems to put in place and good record-keeping.