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Route planning

As well as fully-automated building of optimised routes, TranSend’s integrated route planning and dynamic route builder gives you the option to manually create and amend routes from order details at any time prior to delivery.

Orders passed through from  your order management system are held in the Route Builder order well. Routes can be built by dragging and dropping orders onto a new or existing route which can either be viewed as a list or in map view.

Dynamic Route Planning


  • Planners can visualise allocated and un-routed orders for a given date range, including details of location, time-windows and make planning decisions based on vehicle location and available capacity.
  • Whether routes have been created in TranSend or have been imported from and external system, this also allows orders to be moved from one route to another, or simply removed from a route and put back in the order well for future planning.
  • Routes can be modified with new orders for deliveries or collections while the driver is out on the road, where updated stops and instructions are automatically pushed to the driver’s device.

Route Management   Download datasheet: TranSend Route Management














Delivery Intelligence - ePOD

If only all deliveries went 100% to plan without any exceptions, rejections or returns and credit handling  . . .

​The cost, time and effort needed to handle delivery exceptions manually makes it a slow process, but delivery accuracy and how you handle rejected or returned items has a direct impact on your business costs, your ROI and, not least, the perceived level of customer service that you provide.

Find out more at our seminar on 15th March at IntraLogisteX #ILX17, Ricoh Arena.





With the latest version of TranSend, companies such as Palmer and Harvey, Wincanton and Perfect Home use sophisticated scanning, dynamic route planning, intelligent ePOD and smart returns management to ensure that products are delivered according to customer’s specific requirements and, using data captured at the point of delivery and back at the warehouse or depot, speed up customer refunds or replacements and ensure that as many items as possible are shown back in stock for resale – a win-win solution to reduce business costs and improve customer satisfaction:

  • Load scan-on, using the route manifest, ensures that the right goods are on the right vehicle for each route, identifying any missing items before departure
  • Dynamic route planning produces optimised routes with clearly identified delivery times which can be messaged to the customer the day before the delivery
  • Accurate ETA’s with in-journey updates of ETA’s (using live traffic) with updated arrival notifications and jeopardy alerts
  • Intelligent ePOD uses customised workflow by customer, contract and product including split cases, temperature monitoring and cash processing
  • Real-time proof of delivery and exception data enables accurate invoicing or cash collection
  • Smart returns management shows items for receipt back at depot for reverse scanning back into stock, remedial action or disposal

The TranSend ePOD app provides simple step-by-step instructions via the PDA, removing the need for detailed paperwork and saving driver time.  Much more than ‘sign on glass’, the app manages the driver’s entire day including vehicle checks, trailer management, fuel recording and incident reporting.

You can see TranSend in action and hear more on our customer case studies at IntraLogistex, 15-16 March 2017


TranSend ePOD V3 electronic proof of deliveryThe The UK Logistics Confidence Index H1 2016, by Barclays and Moore Stephens*, indicates that industry confidence is at a four-year low, although the industry is investing in technology and value added services to cope with customer pressure for lower prices while competition and costs rise – as reported by Logistics Manager.

One interesting statistic cited is that the main source (62%) of new business in the past six months has been as a result of new customers switching from other service providers. See full report.

This highlights the need for delivery operations to be as competitive as possible to both win new business and retain existing clients.

The report also points out that, according to respondents:

  • Pressure from customers to cut prices has overtaken driver and skills shortages as the key challenge in the next six months.
  • New technologies, automation and supply chain innovations are seen as critical to help logistics operators work smarter and improve margins.

The key for successful delivery operators is to be able to offer the right mix of flexibility and customer service at the lowest cost.

* The UK Logistics Confidence Index H1 2016, by Barclays and Moore Stephens

Palmer and Harvey proof of delivery (ePOD)

Palmer and Harvey use Zebra TC75 rugged Android mobile devices, with integrated satellite navigation, to run the TranSend ePOD app for driver and delivery management, providing 100% coverage across their delivery network.

With a delivery network of 15 regional depots, Palmer and Harvey serves over 88,000 UK retail accounts, and makes more than 60,000 deliveries every week to a diverse range of clients, including, Shell, Welcome Break, Costcutter Supermarket Group, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and 1000’s of unaffiliated Independent stores. Palmer and Harvey also undertakes distribution activities for major manufacturers, such as Coca Cola Enterprises.

Mark Leonard, Group Operations Director at Palmer and Harvey, comments:

For our drivers TranSend is extremely easy and intuitive to use. Importantly, TranSend can handle all of our very specific customer requirements with workflow configured to provide the driver with detailed instructions at each stop by customer, by contract and by product.

Palmer and Harvey, the UK’s number one delivered wholesaler serving multiple, convenience, forecourt and CTN retail outlets, is to roll out TranSend ePOD to 793 drivers across its entire delivery fleet.

The integrated delivery management solution from TranSend provides:

  • Configurable workflow for each stop by customer, by contract and by product, such as GRN handling, sandwich returns, ‘drop and drive’, COD payment collection and uplifts.
  • Electronic proof of delivery, recording any exceptions
  • Accurate vehicle tracking using live traffic
  • Vehicle checks and safety messages
  • Two-way messaging between the back office and drivers
  • Delivery asset recording for roll cages and totes
  • Route compliance against plan
  • Customer self-service portal

With the new TranSend centralised system, Palmer and Harvey will benefit from:

  • improvement in cash flow from a reduction in automatic customer debits and disputed PODs pending POD confirmation.
  • cost-reduction through lower mileage, driver debrief time and drop-time, reduced admin for POD handling and claims, reduced archiving and elimination of lost PODs.
  • Increased customer satisfaction in resolving POD claims and queries quickly with access to a customer portal
  • Real-time delivery alerts, both at branch and to the customer, advising live ETAs
  • Tracking of delivery assets for accurate customer billing

Mark continues:

Removing the cost and time overhead of managing manual processes, means that we can focus on developing our value-add service to both existing and potential customers. Having real-time information visible at each depot and at head office, means that we are alerted to any delivery issues as they arise and are able to respond quickly. The new delivery management system and redesigned process will automate the delivery operation, reduce operational and admin costs and improve efficiency, whilst handling customer-specific workflows, sandwich returns, GRN processing and uplift processes.

Download Zebra TC75 spec sheet 


TranSend Solutions Ltd will be exhibiting and presenting a technical seminar at the inaugural IntraLogisteX event at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 25th and 26th March 2015.

Seminar – The Smartphone Revolution in Transport & Logistics: Thursday, 26th March at 12:15

Come and find out how customers like Wincanton, The Pallet Network (TPN), Barwick Bathrooms and Severn Trent Water have transformed their transport and logistics operations using TranSend ePOD on smartphone and tablet devices.

Leveraging the power of smartphone and Android devices, flexible and cost-effective delivery management systems are now within easy reach of the SME transport operator and distributor.

There is also a shift by larger delivery operators in adopting the TranSend Android app, which they can deploy on multiple device types, as required, to manage both their own fleet and subcontractors using a single system.

Using client case studies, you will learn how TranSend customers have transformed their logistics operations using the TranSend ePOD app on a mix of Android smartphones, tablets and rugged devices. They have deployed powerful, yet flexible, workflow, capturing the precise data required to improve efficiency and pro-actively manage their customer service – all driven from the driver’s PDA.

Much more than ‘sign on screen’ the TranSend ePOD app includes comprehensive functionality to manage the driver’s day, including vehicle checks, trailer management and accident & incident reporting; all of which ensures driver compliance with the requirements for each delivery or job with a duty of care.


TPN The Pallet Network

Severn Trent Water logo]

TranSend provides a 360 degree, real-time view of routes, drivers, vehicles, trailers, deliveries and collections that helps to reduce operational costs, improve cash flow and provide a more efficient and pro-active customer experience.

Visit TranSend Solutions on Stand 143.

IntraLogisteX will provide a unique programme of technical seminars, free for all end-user practitioner visitors, to give you the chance to be among the first to see how new technologies and innovations could be put to good use in your organisation.

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TPN The Pallet Network

TPN – The Pallet Network – has invested in a new ePOD system from mobile delivery management solution specialists, TranSend Solutions Ltd. The TranSend mobile ePOD app is fully integrated with the TPN Connect Solution as an added-value service providing members with a comprehensive electronic proof of delivery solution for the distribution of TPN palletised freight.

TPN operates a ‘hub and spoke’ distribution model where members operate with an allocated region, handling palletised freight through the TPN hub facility in Minworth, West Midlands. With an operation handling over 12,000 pallets each day, TPN needed an ePOD solution capable of tracking high volumes of trans-shipped pallets from their collection point to final delivery.

For our Members, the TranSend application will improve the complete TPN delivery process from the point of driver log on and confirmation of load on board, through customer delivery and collection, to final return to depot. It operates in real time to provide members with clear and comprehensive ‘live’ information of what is happening with each delivery and how that complies or deviates from the plan, highlighting exceptions as they occur.

Mark Duggan, Managing Director at TPN, explains:

The adoption of TranSend ePOD provides our Members with real value through transparency of information as it happens; it replaces manual POD processing with indisputable and immediate ePOD; it enables immediate response to customer queries; it manages and monitors compliance with customer service levels. All of which saves time, improves performance and reduces operational costs.

TPN Members can download the TranSend ePOD app onto any Android device offering full flexibility to the Member Depots. This means that sub-contractors can use the same app and operate in exactly the same way.

Using the TranSend app, the driver is taken through a series of user-prescribed processes with clear instructions on the device to ensure that all collection and delivery data is recorded, in real time, including any discrepancies.

TPN is an innovating company that is committed to customer service excellence and offers its Members added value through streamlining and automating its delivery operation. TranSend has been widely adopted by transport operations to save time and reduce costs by automating manual processes. Through full visibility of the delivery process, they operate more efficiently, improve driver and vehicle utilisation and provide a more pro-active customer service. We are delighted to be working with TPN on the roll-out of this new service for their Members.

says David Cook, Managing Director at TranSend Solutions Ltd.


About TPN:

TPN hubTPN handles in excess of 60,000 pallets a week through its state of the art, purpose designed 367,500 square foot Hub based in Minworth, West Midlands. TPN boasts a Membership comprising over 100 of the best independent hauliers in the UK together with 28 companies who are part of TPN Ireland, with an Irish Hub based in Dublin.


OTIF delivery dashboard

TranSend Solutions Ltd have released an integrated routing and ePOD mobile data solution, designed to streamline delivery operations by planning optimum routes, monitoring the progress of each route in real time and managing the complete delivery process, including ePOD for proof of delivery and collection.

The option to deploy on standard Android devices makes TranSend an affordable solution, particularly for the smaller delivery operation, to automate the process of getting their orders scheduled, delivered and invoiced more efficiently.

David Cook, managing director at TranSend Solutions, explains the rationale behind this product development:

“We have spoken with many small and medium-size delivery operations who say that one of the main barriers to ePOD implementation, is the process of building routes to provide the necessary data to feed into a proof of delivery system. TranSend is unique in providing integrated route planning and ePOD as a single solution. All the client has to do is provide an order file and TranSend does everything else.”

TranSend is readily adopted by both drivers and office staff due to its ease of use and its ability to streamline the process from taking orders, through to getting them scheduled, delivered and invoiced.

TranSend can be deployed on rugged or Android devices, or mixed estate, where drivers download their allocated route for the day and then follow the prescribed process for deliveries and collections, including special instructions and capturing signatures, photos, etc. The Android app can be downloaded on the driver’s own device, which means that any subcontractors can user the same system.

Back at the office, TranSend provides complete visibility of the route using GPS tracking from the mobile device, capturing any events and exceptions that have occurred along the route and managing driver compliance against the planned route.

TranSend also allows the customer to design their own KPI dashboards, for real-time views of the operation in a format that is easy to visualise, understand and interrogate.

David Cook summarises:

For the smaller fleet operator, TranSend takes away the pain of route planning and allows them to optimise routes and vehicle usage, whilst improving their delivery service, including proof of delivery and collection, and ensuring that they meet customer promises.

One such example is TranSend customer Dynamic Despatch, a specialist logistics supplier to the medical device market that operates up to 20 delivery routes per day.

Andrew Edwards, managing director at Dynamic Despatch, comments:

The flexibility and ease of use of the TranSend route optimisation system means that we can plan the most effective routes taking into account orders, locations, the number of vehicles available and customer promises. Using TranSend for route optimisation and detailed delivery tracking, including ePOD, means that we can communicate even more closely with our customers and provide them with access to real-time information. We, and our customers, can see that each delivery arrives quickly and efficiently to its specified destination or recipient.

CDA vehicles

CDA, UK manufacturers of quality kitchen appliances have implemented TranSend ePOD and Route Compliance integrated with their existing Optrak Route Planning system, to simplify and modernise their delivery operation and, as a result, provide even better customer service as well as drive down operational costs.
The CDA Group kitchen appliancesCDA have a reputation for style, innovation and quality and offer their retail clients one of the biggest and most diverse selections of appliances available. CDA operate a 20-vehicle fleet supplemented by the use of sub-contract vehicles where necessary. With industry-leading ‘on time, first time’ deliveries, CDA’s fleet of delivery drivers pride themselves on being the best. Most deliveries take place within 24 hours of placing an order.

TranSend has been implemented via rugged PDA devices for all communication between the driver and the office to:

- Record the time the driver signs on and off.

- Prompt the driver to carry out all vehicle checks and ensure all necessary equipment is loaded on the vehicle.

- Provide drivers with all route and customer delivery information

- Provide Satellite Navigation to ensure the most efficient route taken.

- Capture all relevant details about a customer delivery, including time, signature, photographic evidence and reason for any delivery failure.

- Automate the payment check prompts for drivers collecting payments.

CDA also use the TranSend web-based Executive Dashboard to manage the delivery operation, utilising real-time information on delivery status measured against their own business KPIs to highlight and react to exceptions as they arise.

The Challenge – Tracking and Controlling Routes and Deliveries

CDA applianceCDA pride themselves on delivering products and customer service that are constantly improving and consistently exceeding customers’ expectations. In line with this, CDA wanted to improve their delivery operation through more efficient tracking and control of their planned deliveries and routes.

Having successfully implemented a specialist route planning system from Optrak, TranSend was recommended to provide an integrated and interactive delivery management system that would enable CDA to control and track the planned routes and thereby improve delivery efficiency whilst reducing paperwork and staff admin time.


The Solution – Integrated Route Planning, ePOD and Route Compliance

From an initial meeting it was clear that TranSend could deliver the required improvements in control and tracking through integration with the route planning system.

TranSend manages the whole delivery and collection process, including scanning and exceptions. Deployed on Motorola rugged PDA devices, the system enables real-time tracking of drivers, vehicles and deliveries, providing drivers and back office staff with automated updates. Managers, drivers and customer service staff have tailored views that help them to respond appropriately with each customer.

As well as providing vehicle location information, TranSend monitors all activity against plan and answers the relevant questions to more pro-actively manage delivery efficiency and customer service.

Optrak route planning, uniquely, provides information on multi-day routes and TranSend uses this information to handle routes with overnight stops.

Implemented On Time and To Budget

Once the project was signed off, the TranSend and CDA teams had less than 3 months to go live. This tight deadline was even more intense by having new staff in the transport office and delivering the project at the busiest time of the year.

Gemma Bridge, Fleet Administrator at CDA, worked closely on the project:

The key issue was that we wanted to replace all the manual, paper-based processing. The TranSend project manager really had to get to know the ‘nuts and bolts’ of our processes and procedures to be able to configure TranSend to best suit our business needs. It was an ambitious target, but he committed to hit the deadline and drive the project to meet the timescale and budget.

The project involved all department heads across the CDA business and gave them the opportunity to really challenge their existing processes and procedures, and change them for the better.

Chris Thomas, Operations Manager at CDA, was responsible for the overall project:

Despite the massive change to all our processes the project has gone really well. Customers have readily adopted the paperless system– even some of the ‘old school’ types of business.

Moving forward, CDA is going to include the customer’s confirmation signature image at the bottom of each invoice which they can send electronically within half-an-hour of the delivery. This will eliminate request for PODs and delays to payment relating to proof of delivery.

Chris continues:

For me, this is the reality of a long-awaited project and hopefully the start of a long working relationship with the TranSend team. There is so much more that we can do with the system and the technology means that we can confidently move forward into the future.

The Business Value

The result for CDA is greater visibility of the delivery operation and its performance with a projected saving of £40k per annum in operational costs across the business including reduced fuel usage, reduced staff time in admin, logistics and finance, reduced printing and consumables and a reduction in customer claims.

  • Improved customer service with real-time delivery information to hand.
  • More efficient delivery service by monitoring and controlling planned drops.
  • Reduced fuel usage through tracking route compliance.
  • Reduction in staff time spent on queries on deliveries, shortages, and proof of delivery and credit claims.
  • Improved cash flow through same-day invoicing using accurate delivery information.
  • Reduction in paper and printing with all information on the PDA device.
  • Prompt management of exceptions by tracking delivery and driver information in real time.

It is also anticipated that the savings will grow year on year as further efficiencies and system improvements are introduced. We will also be protected from price increases through the consumables we no longer use.

Mark Gibbs, Finance Director at CDA, has been delighted with the project:

We have received excellent support from the TranSend team during our successful implementation. It was a pleasure to work with TranSend team and I think it is fair to say that the project was one of the most successfully managed that we have ever had at CDA. Chris, Gemma and other CDA colleagues worked tremendously hard whilst continuing to do the “day job” and with the tight project management provided by the TranSend team, we were all delighted that we delivered on time and to budget. We hope that this will be the start of a long term relationship.

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