Extract from article in m.logistics magazine issue 61:  Retail Distribution

Route Compliance provides additional cost savings

“Companies investing in a route optimisation system often fail to recognise the additional cost savings that efficient routing can provide when combined with a route compliance system”, says Anthony Munro-Martin, a director at TranSend, whose route compliance system is part of its ePOD solution.

“It helps identify operational non-compliance and validates the real-life accuracy of routing planning parameters such as travel speeds, opening/closing times and unloading rates.”

Sports retailer JD Sports is one advocate. As Tim Edwards, the company’s loss control director, explains:

“We can now see exactly what is happening today in real time, and then run end-of-day reports for review. In addition, by analysing the data over a period of time, we can review our route planning and timings and investigate specific trends, such as consistently late deliveries to a particular store, which may be due to some stores needing a longer turnround time because of limited access.

“TranSend provides us with valuable, real-time information and visibility of our delivery operation, using our own performance measures and working practices to manage exceptions better, including shortages, vehicle security breaches and missed delivery windows.”


Delivery Asset Tracking enables accurate customer billing

Retail distribution uses a lot of assets including roll-cage, containers, pallets and totes, which can be hidden cost if not proactively managed. TranSend’s Munro-Martin points out: “Knowing what assets are with which individual customers can be highly complex, and it is essential to be able to report the end-of-month balance of these assets for collection or charging purposes.

Palmer and Harvey, for example, use cages valued at over £100 each, representing a six-figure investment sum to the company each year. Using TranSend Delivery Asset tracking, they now have accurate real-time data on cages delivered to and collected from each site, which allows accurate billing to customers.”


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