Trailer tracking

The TranSend app now enables hauliers to see the exact whereabouts of their trailers and which vehicles they are hooked up to, safe in the knowledge that all checks have been completed before departure.

Using trailer identification and verification, the driver’s PDA will show which trailer is hooked up to his truck and forces associated safety checks by trailer type, before he sets off. 

Once active, the trailer location is tracked via the PDA and the back-office team can see exactly which trailer is hooked up to which truck, and its location, at any time.

If a certain trailer was specified for the job, the system checks that the right trailer has been coupled, reporting every variance and avoiding costly mistakes.

The trailer is tracked at each stop and where a trailer swap occurs, the driver is forced to re-run safety checks on the new trailer.

Following an overnight break, the driver is also forced to run vehicle and safety checks.

There is also an option to integrate with tracking units on all trailers in the field to provide a single, comprehensive view of all trailer assets.

David Cook, managing director at TranSend Solutions comments:

“With the addition of Trailer Management, TranSend users can easily see the exact location of trailers and their associated vehicles, including trailer swaps, with a full audit trail of stops and safety checks.” 

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