Lumonics House

TranSend’s integrated routing and ePOD mobile data solution is designed to streamline delivery proof of delivery and collection operations by planning optimum routes, monitoring the progress of each route in real time and managing the complete delivery process, including ePOD for proof of delivery.

Whether or not you have an existing route planning system, you can benefit from an integrated routing and ePOD solution.

“The flexibility and ease of use of the TranSend route optimisation system means that we can plan the most effective routes taking into account orders, locations, the number of vehicles available and customer promises. Using TranSend for route optimisation and detailed delivery tracking, including ePOD, means that we can communicate even more closely with our customers and provide them with access to real-time information. We, and our customers, can see that each delivery arrives quickly and efficiently to its specified destination or recipient”.  

Dynamic Despatch