TranSend ePOD can be fully integrated with your existing supply chain, route planning and tracking systems for enterprise-wide visibility of the entire supply chain process.

Integration is a key part of the TranSend solution as it operates in real time and pulls information from a number of operational systems in order to manage all aspects of the delivery process and provide automatic updates back to each system.   Data can be supplied in a number of different ways, including web services, flat files, FTP, spreadsheets.

As standard the PDA app records application activity such as logons, confirmation of deliveries, rejected reason codes, quantities, additional text, photographs, signatures, scanned barcodes and also system events such as regular positional events, battery low, geo-fence boundary crossing, phone usage if permitted. All this information is sent back to the TranSend back office system over GSM/GPRS and then optionally exported to the organisations own operational systems.