CDA Group revolutionise delivery service with integrated route planning, ePOD and route compliance.

CDA have a reputation for style, innovation and quality and offer their retail clients one of the biggest and most diverse selections of appliances available. CDA operate a 20-vehicle fleet supplemented by the use of sub-contract vehicles where necessary. With industry-leading ‘on time, first time’ deliveries, CDA’s fleet of delivery drivers pride themselves on being the best. Most deliveries take place within 24 hours of placing an order.
TranSend has been implemented via rugged PDA devices for all communication between the driver and the office to:

  • Record the time the driver signs on and off.
  • Prompt the driver to carry out all vehicle checks and ensure all necessary equipment is loaded on the vehicle.
  • Provide drivers with all route and customer delivery information
  • Provide Satellite Navigation to ensure the most efficient route taken.
  • Capture all relevant details about a customer delivery, including time, signature, photographic evidence and reason for any delivery failure.
  • Automate the payment check prompts for drivers collecting payments.
CDA also use the TranSend web-based Executive Dashboard to manage the delivery operation, utilising real-time information on delivery status measured against their own business KPIs to highlight and react to exceptions as they arise.

The Challenge – Tracking and Controlling Routes and Deliveries
CDA pride themselves on delivering products and customer service that are constantly improving and consistently exceeding customers’ expectations. In line with this, CDA wanted to improve their delivery operation through more efficient tracking and control of their planned deliveries and routes.

Having successfully implemented a specialist route planning system from Optrak, TranSend was recommended to provide an integrated and interactive delivery management system that would enable CDA to control and track the planned routes and thereby improve delivery efficiency whilst reducing paperwork and staff admin time.
The Solution – Integrated Route Planning, ePOD and Route Compliance
From an initial meeting it was clear that TranSend could deliver the required improvements in control and tracking through integration with the route planning system.
TranSend manages the whole delivery and collection process, including scanning and exceptions. Deployed on Motorola rugged PDA devices, the system enables real-time tracking of drivers, vehicles and deliveries, providing drivers and back office staff with automated updates. Managers, drivers and customer service staff have tailored views that help them to respond appropriately with each customer.

As well as providing vehicle location information, TranSend monitors all activity against plan and answers the relevant questions to more pro-actively manage delivery efficiency and customer service.

Optrak route planning, uniquely, provides information on multi-day routes and TranSend uses this information to handle routes with overnight stops.

Implemented On Time and To Budget
Once the project was signed off, the TranSend and CDA teams had less than 3 months to go live. This tight deadline was even more intense by having new staff in the transport office and delivering the project at the busiest time of the year.

Gemma Bridge, Fleet Administrator at CDA, worked closely on the project:
‘The key issue was that we wanted to replace all the manual, paper-based processing. The TranSend project manager really had to get to know the ‘nuts and bolts’ of our processes and procedures to be able to configure TranSend to best suit our business needs. It was an ambitious target, but he committed to hit the deadline and drive the project to meet the timescale and budget.’
The project involved all department heads across the CDA business and gave them the opportunity to really challenge their existing processes and procedures, and change them for the better.

Chris Thomas, Operations Manager at CDA, was responsible for the overall project:
‘Despite the massive change to all our processes the project has gone really well. Customers have readily adopted the paperless system– even some of the ‘old school’ types of business.’
Moving forward, CDA is going to include the customer’s confirmation signature image at the bottom of each invoice which they can send electronically within half-an-hour of the delivery. This will eliminate request for PODs and delays to payment relating to proof of delivery.

Chris continues:
‘For me, this is the reality of a long-awaited project and hopefully the start of a long working relationship with the TranSend team. There is so much more that we can do with the system and the technology means that we can confidently move forward into the future.’
The Business Value
The result for CDA is greater visibility of the delivery operation and its performance with a projected saving of £40k per annum in operational costs across the business including reduced fuel usage, reduced staff time in admin, logistics and finance, reduced printing and consumables and a reduction in customer claims.
  • Improved customer service with real-time delivery information to hand.
  • More efficient delivery service by monitoring and controlling planned drops.
  • Reduced fuel usage through tracking route compliance.
  • Reduction in staff time spent on queries on deliveries, shortages, and proof of delivery and credit claims.
  • Improved cash flow through same-day invoicing using accurate delivery information.
  • Reduction in paper and printing with all information on the PDA device.
  • Prompt management of exceptions by tracking delivery and driver information in real time.
It is also anticipated that the savings will grow year on year as further efficiencies and system improvements are introduced. We will also be protected from price increases through the consumables we no longer use.

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We have received excellent support from the TranSend team during our successful implementation. It was a pleasure to work with TranSend team and I think it is fair to say that the project was one of the most successfully managed that we have ever had at CDA. Chris, Gemma and other CDA colleagues worked tremendously hard whilst continuing to do the “day job” and with the tight project management provided by the TranSend team, we were all delighted that we delivered on time and to budget. We hope that this will be the start of a long term relationship.

Mark Gibbs

Finance Director