Toolbank transforms delivery process with TranSend ePOD and Load Scanning deployed on Zebra TC56 devices

Toolbank, one of the UK and Ireland’s leading specialist distributors of hand and power tools to resale trades, has deployed the TranSend proof of delivery (ePOD) and back office delivery management software to manage their delivery and collection operation. From thirteen distribution warehouses across the UK, using their own fleet of 117 vehicles, Toolbank delivers daily to a nationwide chain of specialist hand and power tool stockists and leading independent DIY retailers, offering same-day and next-day delivery.

Intelligent delivery management process

TranSend ePOD has replaced the previous manual processes and paperwork with an automated, intelligent workflow that provides Toolbank with comprehensive delivery tracking and visibility from loading at the warehouse to the point of delivery. The TranSend app and back office delivery management system supports a full cycle tracking process for Toolbank, from the route and order details pushed from their ERP system, through the van-loading, goods in transit and delivery completion.  Delivery and collection data feeds back to the ERP system to update goods inwards records and enable more accurate invoicing.

Scan-on / scan-off replaces manual load /unload process

Deployed on Zebra TC56 devices, with integrated scanner and imaging, the TranSend ePOD app workflow is built with an easy-to-use, scan-driven load and unload process. Data is validated at each stage against the order data for the customer and route to confirm load completion prior to departure and generates alerts to any missing or duplicated items. This allows the driver to enter exception details, e.g. if items are unavailable or the scan label is damaged and cannot be scanned.

This load scanning functionality provides a quick and simple process for any driver to use, building the load incrementally with each scan. At the point of delivery, items are scanned off the vehicle and the automated reconciliation process generates an exception workflow to record any items not delivered, and why, with user-defined analysis codes.

George Strong, Business Analyst at Toolbank, comments:

“Whilst deploying TranSend, we took the opportunity to review some of our own processes and this, combined with the TranSend ePOD solution, has resulted in more than a 50% reduction in claims that we need to process.”

Business benefits

  • Business alerts to any exceptions at each stage of the process, from vehicle checks, loading, unloading and delivery and/or collection.
  • System easily adopted by drivers, making it simple and quick to deploy
  • Full, real-time tracking of orders throughout the delivery and collection process saves time on calls and distraction to drivers.
  • Indisputable proof of delivery and recording of any discrepancies ensures more accurate invoicing and reduces customer claims for incomplete deliveries.
  • A vehicle checks and defect management app on the same device ensures that drivers comply with mandated safety procedures.
  • Customer service and sales teams easily obtain POD’s quickly and have immediate access to delivery status information for a more proactive service.
  • Analysis of route performance, including plan vs. actual, provides valuable data for practical route adjustment and optimisation.
  • Massive reduction in claims processing.
George comments on the ease of use and deployment:

“TranSend ePOD has been readily adopted by our drivers and provides them with easy-to-follow delivery instructions for each customer outlet. The ease of the roll-out meant that we could reduce our planned project timescale by more than half and we now have a smooth process with real-time visibility of our delivery operation at a detailed level, which enables us to react immediately to issues as they arise and offer a more pro-active customer service”.

About Toolbank:
Toolbank specialises in the distribution of tools, accessories and hardware products to merchant, retail and e-commerce markets throughout the UK & Ireland. Trading from 11 strategically sited warehouses, backed by central distribution they provide 14,000 customer outlets with 24/48hour service on over 30,000 products via a network of specialist logistical facilities. Toolbank provides ranges from over 250 leading and specialist brands such as Stanley, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Ryobi, Irwin, Bahco, Evostik, Stabila, Monument, Dickies, Ronseal, Hozelock, Kidde, Loctite, Bulldog, Vitrex, Yale.

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Whilst deploying TranSend, we took the opportunity to review some of our own processes and this, combined with the TranSend ePOD solution, has resulted in more than a 50% reduction in claims that we need to process.

George Strong

Business Analyst