Need to be more efficient with deliveries and collections, provide a tailored customer service and improve cashflow in 2018?

At TranSend, we understand the whole supply chain process, from order to despatch, to delivery, to billing and customer service. Our focus on supply chain data integration ensures real-time, two-way data flow that give you a 360-degree view of your delivery operation.

Real time updates from the PDA to the back office with accurate delivery information enables pro-active monitoring against delivery exceptions and allows you to improve cash-flow with immediate billing against confirmed deliveries.

Improved Delivery Accuracy

Because TranSend ePOD can be configured with a different workflow for each stop, down to product level, it makes it easy for any driver to make accurate deliveries and collections with prompts and detailed instructions provided via their mobile device every step of the way.

Dynamic, intelligent workflow is easily configured to handle the differing requirements for any delivery or collection process scenario, including secure delivery of valuable goods, unattended delivery, cash on delivery, frozen, chilled and ambient goods.

With TranSend, once a driver has downloaded his route, he receives simple, step-by step instructions via his mobile device. All activity is tracked in real time, keeping the back office informed of job status, driver location and any events that occur on the route.

Deliveries and collections are handled accurately, whether by your own drivers, sub-contractors or agency drivers and no matter what mobile device they use.

It removes the need for the driver to follow detailed paperwork and the cost involved with printing and admin. TranSend ePOD ensures that products and services are delivered according to specific customer requirements, with all activity tracked in real time, allowing you to share accurate delivery information with your customers.
"The back-office dashboard enables us, and our clients, to monitor real time delivery activity and service levels against the route plan, which gives us improved customer service reporting using live information. As our systems evolve, TranSend ePOD is core to our competitive advantage in being able to offer a highly functional, flexible and cost-effective delivery management solution to our clients."
Alan Ringrose, Systems Optimisation Manager at Canute 
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“Having immediate and indisputable proof of any delivery exceptions at the customer site helps us to invoice accurately and thereby reduce late payments and credits.”
Trevor Edden, Managing Director at TWE Haulage (TPN Member)
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