TranSend continues success in the wholesale Food & Drink sector with ePOD and intelligent delivery management

TranSend Solutions has signed several new clients in the wholesale Food & Drink sector, including Adelie Foods, Matthew Clark, James Hall and Town & Country Fine Foods.

TranSend provide clients in the wholesaleTranSend ePOD app stop details example Food & Drink sector with a competitive advantage in terms of delivery efficiency, transparency and customer service, simplifying the process to comply with restricted delivery time-windows, provide accurate delivery information, control returned goods, minimise shrinkage and speed up the payment process.

  • Step-by-step driver instructions for each stop ensures customer and product-specific delivery requirements are met and removes the cost associates with paper processes
  • Any delivery exceptions are handled on site including damages and shortages, to enable accurate billing, reduce credit claims
Having extensive experience with clients in the food and drink sector, TranSend offers an ‘out-of-the-box’ delivery management solution that integrates with route planning and order management systems and is simple and intuitive to use for the driver, transport office and customer service team. 

Intelligent workflow functionality manages customer-specific requirements at each stop and down to product detail level.
  • Load validation before leaving the depot
  • Monitoring of temperature-controlled items with tolerance levels
  • Handling different units of measure including catch weight
  • Handling multiple delivery types, such as frozen, ambient, high value
  • Variable delivery requirements such as Drop & Go, Drop & Lock, COD
  • Managing split cases; outers & inners
  • Management of delivery assets such as cages, kegs and pallets
  • Cash collection handling and reconciliation
  • Returns handling for non-deliveries and collections, including credits
TranSend is designed to be easily configured to follow customer-specific delivery process requirements, including terminology, forms and data captured on the driver’s device, whether own driver, agency driver or sub-contractor. 

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