Defect Management

Defects identified are recorded on the driver’s devices during the vehicle check process and this generates an intelligent back-office workflow to monitor and manage vehicle and driver safety, including VOR status with full history of defect maintenance from identification through to resolution.

Vehicle Defect Management provides the facility to manage any outstanding vehicle or trailer defects until they are rectified.  This includes the ability to automatically VOR any vehicle/trailer based upon the severity levels of defects recorded during the vehicle checking process.

Flexible workflow uses defect categories and severity to automate the defect management process as appropriate.

Associated paperwork regarding the defect can be scanned and attached to the defect record within TranSend in addition to any notes entered from within the TranSend back office or PDA.

Defects can be marked as resolved either on the PDA or from within the TranSend back office including workshop signatures where necessary.

Download PDF : Vehicle Checks & Defect Management