Sat Nav

Full-featured CoPilot Truck sat-nav provides advanced navigation that takes into account vehicle dimensions, weight and load together with truck-restricted and prohibited roads to find the optimal route for any itinerary.

TranSend uses the latest CoPilot Truck navigation software from ALK Technologies to determine the most efficient route for each destination with dynamic re-routing to cope with ‘real life’ travel disruption or changes to delivery plan.

The satellite navigation system uses map grid references to direct the driver to the actual drop off point rather than the building entrance point and is sophisticated enough for haulage vehicles to avoid potential driving hazards such as low bridges and narrow lanes.

  • Specifically designed for professional drivers
  • Calculates complicated routes in seconds that are truck specific
  • Intelligent re-routing if you miss a turn, so the driver will never be lost
  • Designed with safety as the priority
  • Latest digital street maps with live traffic updates