Dynamic Route Builder

TranSend Dynamic Route Builder allows new jobs, such as collections and onward deliveries, to be dynamically allocated to drivers/vehicles whilst out on the road.

New jobs, such as collections and onward deliveries, can be dynamically allocated to drivers/ vehicles whilst out on the road.

Planners can visualise allocated and un-routed orders for a given date range (including location, time windows, etc.) and all vehicle locations (including available capacity) on a combined map and route/order grid view.

With real-time vehicle location, un-routed orders can then be allocated to a route using the simple drag and drop facility on either the map or the list. This triggers an automated alert message to the driver’s PDA and automatically downloads the required job details.

The planner can then re-evaluate the route in order to provide a recommended and optimised route, taking into account any specific delivery criteria, such as delivery time-windows or forced drop sequence.