Route Builder

TranSend Route Builder provides the ability for the use to create routes from un-routed orders, and modify full or partial routes that are ready to be planned for delivery.

All routes can be viewed as a list or as a map view; orders on a route can be manually re-sequenced added or removed using simple drag and drop facilities. This allows a user to amend or override a route sequence where required.

The timing of this will be dependent upon the business and its own operational processes and preferences - the orders from the operational system will be passed through to TranSend at the appropriate time and routes can be created or modified by the user prior to vehicle departure or, if required, while the vehicle is executing the route.

All un-routed orders are held in the Route Builder order well. Orders in the order well can be used to manually build routes by simply dragging and dropping the identified orders onto a new or existing route.

This also allows orders to be moved from one route to another, or simply removed from a route and placed back in the order well for future planning. This applies both to routes that have been created within TranSend or routes which have been imported from external business systems.