Route Generation

TranSend Route Generation provides a more automated approach to dynamically generate routes for a single depot based upon the number of vehicles available and the order/job details selected for the particular day.

Route Generation facilitates the creation of routes based on orders imported from an ERP or Order Management system and geocodes stops to provide an accurate stop position (longitude and latitude). These orders will include key data such as customer details, locations, product information, contacts, special instructions, customer dates and time windows etc. and any other associated attributes.

Users select the range of orders from the order well that need to be planned, together with any defined planning parameters, and the system will generate the most efficient routes optimisoing the resources available to the business in terms of weights, volumes, driver hours, vehicle capacities etc. 

Route Generation can be re-run as many times as required until the point that routes are finalised and saved, although they can be manually amended and rep-optimised.